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10 Best Hitch Mount Cargo Carriers: Compare & Save

Are you tired of cramming all your gear into your vehicle for your next road trip? Look no further than a hitch cargo carrier to expand your storage capacity. With easy waist-level access to your belongings, loading and unloading has never been easier. To help you make an informed decision, we’ve compiled a list of the 10 Best Hitch Mount Cargo Carriers on the market. Whether you’re planning a family vacation or an outdoor adventure, these carriers will provide the extra space you need for all your gear.

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Overall best cargo carrier: Mockins XL 60×24×6 Folding Cargo Carrier Hitch Mount
Best versatile cargo carrier: Mockins 60×20×6 folding Trailer Hitch Mount Cargo Carrier
Best Durable cargo carrier: MeeFar Folding Hitch Cargo Carrier Basket and Cargo Bag

10 Best Hitch Mount Cargo Carriers: Compare & Save

Teaser: Sneak Peek into the Best Hitch Mount Cargo Carriers World

The premium hitch cargo carrier market offers a variety of models that offer great usability, transportability, and improved accessibility. You can find different designs, styles, and configurations to suit your specific needs. Some of the available types include:

  • Basic models: The basic models of the hitch cargo carrier feature a simple open-tray cargo system. This type of cargo system is generally open to the elements of the weather.
  • Deluxe models: The deluxe models come with more spacious baskets and watertight Frachttaschen.
  • Latest models: The latest models feature basic rack components that are easily configured according to modular accessories sold by the manufacturer.

Thanks to all of these models of the hitch cargo carrier, you can easily haul anything like portal-potties, motorcycles, barbecues, bicycles, and so on. 

The mesmerizing world of hitch cargo carriers comes with numerous products that fit different personal needs and preferences. 

Apart from hitch cargo carriers, there are also rooftop cargo carriers. However, many customers fancy the hitch carriers over the rooftop models. This is because hitch carriers make two things possible:

  • They have usable capacity
  • Easy access to your cargo.

The Significance of a Reliable Hitch Mount Cargo Carrier

If you are in the marketplace to get a reliable hitch cargo carrier, make sure that you buy one according to certain key considerations. Premium and reliable hitch cargo carriers provide great value for money over their lifespan. Apart from that, they also offer various benefits to the users. Your hitch cargo carrier should be reliable and offer the following benefits:

  1. Should be very easy to use.
  2. Should provide a means for easy transportability.
  3. Provide easy access to your gear.
  4. Should be strong and durable.

Why You Need a Hitch Cargo Carrier

A hitch cargo carrier is used mainly on cars and trucks to haul additional or heavy cargo. Many users prefer to buy hitch cargo carriers to increase the weight capacity of their vehicles. The hitch cargo carrier is similar to the rooftop cargo carrier because it provides additional cargo space in your vehicle. With a hitch cargo carrier, you can easily haul heavy extra loads. In addition, the hitch cargo carrier works best when used to tow extremely heavy and rugged items such as a greasy vehicle engine.

Hitch Mount Cargo Carriers

Exploring the World of Road Trips and Cargo Needs

It is in man’s nature to always go for trips and adventures. Due to the purpose of these journeys, it is expected that we will be needing some gear and items such as clothes, shoes, equipment, cameras, luggage, books, boxes, electronics, machines, mats, tents, and so on. Many of these trips usually involve camping, sleeping out, and going on road trips. Whether you are going for a road trip, a private vacation, or hauling large construction equipment, the hitch cargo carrier is the way to go. The following road trips could need you to get a hitch cargo carrier:

  • A trip to the airport.
  • Hauling equipment for mining, construction, and so on.
  • Going for a camping vacation.
  • A sports event.
  • Camping.
  • Having a staycation.
  • Going to the beach.
  • Going on an adventure travel.
  • A girl’s or a guy’s trip.

Apart from these trips, you may also need reliable hitch cargo carriers for the following:

  • When moving to school.
  • For hauling office and work equipment.
  • For hauling engines, mechanical components, and every other load item.
  • For moving houses.
  • For school excursion events.

A hitch cargo carrier helps help us meet our cargo needs. No matter the nature of our journey or trips, we always seem to have various cargo needs. A hitch cargo carrier is useful for meeting our various cargo needs when travelling, camping, or moving houses.

The Role a Hitch Cargo Carrier Plays in Your Journey

The hitch cargo carrier plays a central role in providing a lot of space in the cabin of the vehicle. This is a specialized carriage that can be used to haul all types of additional gear. With the hitch cargo carrier, you free up a lot of space in the cabin of your vehicle. This means that you can have more people (and even your pet) in the vehicle cabin. Remember, the more, the merrier! This is his hitch cargo carrier ensures that you have a lot of fun while on the road.

Choosing the Best Hitch Mount Cargo Carrier: Key Factors 

Acknowledging Your Vehicle?s Towing Capacity

When deciding on what hitch cargo carrier to buy, it is important to know the capacity of your vehicle. The vehicle capacity allows you to know and stay within the allowable loaf limits. To compare the weight of your extra load to the weight rating of the manufacturer, you will need to check your vehicle for this. To get the manufacturer?s Anhängelast if your vehicle, there are several places to get this in the vehicle. You can check the following:

  • The official website of the car manufacturing company.
  • The door jam from the driver?s side
  • The owner?s manual.

Selecting the Perfect Size to Match Your Needs

If you are looking to buy the best hitch cargo carrier for your personal use, there are several key considerations to use. The following elements are important for consideration when thinking about choosing the right hitch cargo carrier:

  • Consider all the items you would be hauling with the Frachtführer.
  • Think about all the possible dimensions of your future cargo.
  • Make sure that you buy the right hitch cargo carrier for your vehicle.

Material and Longevity: What Should You Opt For?

In the world of hitch cargo carriers, there are various materials available. You can get various cargo carriers made from alloy steel, heavy-duty steel, a combination of steel and plastic, and many more. The material that you choose will determine its durability and longevity.

Installation Process: The Easier, The Better

When choosing the best hitch cargo carrier to buy, you need an option that can be installed easily. You want a hitch carrier that you can simply assemble and remove without doing much screwing and bolting. There are many hitch cargo carriers in the market with easy installation systems.

The Balance Between Cost and Quality

In the market, different premium hitch cargo carriers come with top-tier quality. However, to enjoy this quality, you will need to pay more. Many leading manufacturers of the hitch cargo carrier sell their products at exorbitant prices. You can do some trade-offs if you find a cheaper cargo carrier of a similar price. However, if you need a high-quality hitch cargo carrier, then you may ignore the cost and choose the premium option.

Detailed Reviews of the Top 10 Hitch Mount Cargo Carriers

Our team of experts has conducted thorough research and analysis to compile a list of the top 10 hitch mount cargo carriers available in the market. We understand the importance of finding the perfect carrier that suits your needs, so we have carefully reviewed each product to ensure that they meet our standards of quality, durability, and functionality. Rest assured that our comprehensive list will provide you with all the necessary information you need to make an informed decision.

Mockins XL 60×24×6 Folding Cargo Carrier Hitch Mount

The Mockins XL is quite a distinct product from the regular quality cargo carriers that you get from this brand. While the cargo bag looks slightly bigger, the basket also has the usual 500-pound capacity. This means that the cargo carrier offers quite the same performance. However, this option offers a better value for money.

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From the sleek appearance of the cargo carrier to its installation process, you get a bang for your buck. First off, the special cargo carrier from Mockins is a combo product. It comes with both the cargo basket and the bag. However, it can also work with other cargo bags.

The package comes with the cargo basket, the bag, storage units, and accessories. You can easily assemble the product and hitch it onto the rear side of your vehicle. Mockins usually make versatile cargo carriers, therefore this product works with almost all types of vehicles. 

This cargo bag extends slightly more than the regular cargo bags in the market. This means that its size can accommodate bigger cargo. However, the load capacity is limited to 500 pounds. This basket comes in a foldable design, which means that it can be folded up easily when it is not in use. 

This cargo carrier comes with superior accessories such as a robust hitch-lock mechanism, a black bungee net, hitch stabilizers, and robust ratchet straps. 

Mockins 60×20×6 folding Trailer Hitch Mount Cargo Carrier

This cargo carrier combo is from the famous Mockins store. People around the world have been purchasing this cargo carrier. The combo product comes with a robust basket and a durable cargo bag. In addition, you have all the accessories that you need to hoist this cargo combo onto your vehicle. It comes with various accessories to help the versatile cargo carrier get attached he?d into any vehicle.

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On full assembly, it can support a 16 cubic feet cargo bag. This means that you can add additional capacity to your vehicle. The cargo basket steals the show here as it comes with strong tubular steel for connecting to the hitch receiver. It comes with a low profile and several inches of dude rail for cargo support. 

The Mockins cargo carrier can be hitched to vehicles in four different ways. The cargo bag comes in the right dimensions to fit inside the basket. Users can use the basket with or without the cargo bag.

 The basket is designed in such a way that it had enough ground clearance when fully hitched into the vehicle. Mockins spent a lot of time working on the aesthetics of this cargo bag. This option is the most stylish and beautiful cargo bag on this list. For its price, this cargo carrier offers its users amazing value. This is why so many users have our based cargo carrier. It is available in the grey and black colour variants.

MeeFar Folding Hitch Cargo Carrier Basket and Cargo Bag

The MeeFar store has always been full of surprises. It features one of the best hitch cargo carriers that you will ever find in the market. This product is a cargo carrier basket and a bag combination.

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As a hutch cargo, the carrier features a basket that comes with the right size and dimensions. The MeeFar hitch cargo carrier features a set of items that makes it easy to move your cargo from point A to B. The roof basket weighs about 60 pounds and can support a total loss capacity of about 500 pounds. 

MeeFar has made this foldable hitch cargo carrier by blending a premium design with superior engineering. The cargo basket comes with a durable build that is made from powder-coated tubular steel. Rated for 500 pounds, the lightweight basket provides exceptional high strength.

While it works with all cars, the hitch cargo carrier is designed with sufficient ground clearance. The provided angled shank helps add sufficient ground clearance for low-riding and off-road vehicles.

For safety purposes, the cargo carrier features highly visible reflectors. This added feature enhances safety for other vehicles, especially at night.

The MeeFar hitch cargo carrier is designed to be a predominantly black product. It comes with superior aesthetics to help enhance the appearance of your vehicle.

VEVOR 60×24×6 Hitch Mount Cargo Carrier

What best hitch cargo carrier to increase your vehicle load capacity than this premium cargo basket from VEVOR? VEVOR is known for some of the best cargo baskets and combos.

The hitch cargo carrier features a low-pile basket that supports a very strong cargo bag. This product is such a great alternative for rooftop carriers because it takes the pressure off your vehicle roof.

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The product comes with a complete set of items such as a basket, cargo bag, anti-slip mats, and many other smart accessories. With such a complete set of accessories, any DIY enthusiast can put this hitch cargo carrier together. All you need are some basic assembly tools and you can hit the road in no time.

Just assemble the basket into the hitch receiver of your vehicle. The basket projects from off the vehicle, but it can still support a cargo bag of about 500 pounds. This means that your hitch cargo carrier can easily support nearly 11 buckets (five gallons) of water. 

The hitch cargo carrier also comes with a rugged cargo bag. This makes it easy and safe for you to load your luggage. The combination and cargo fastening straps from the bag offer security and safety.

The VEVOR Hitch Cargo Carrier comes with a stabiliser that stops it from falling to the ground. This product comes with a foldable design that can be folded easily and stored if not used. This best-selling hutch cargo carrier has been flying off the shelves and has garnered thousands of reviews online.

MaxxHaul Hitch cargo carrier

The MaxxHaul Hitch cargo carrier is an exceptional trailer hitch mount steel cargo carrier for all vehicles. This premium product from a strong brand features high side rails. Highly compatible with a 2-inch hitch receiver, the cargo carrier is recommended for various vehicles. 

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It can help increase the load capacity of your cars, vans, SUVs, and Trucks.

It can be easily assembled and hitched to the vehicle. The included accessories make installation a breeze. In minutes, the hutch cargo carrier is fully attached to your vehicle. 

It is the ideal cargo basket instantly increasing the cargo space in your vehicle. More importantly, it provides you with extended cargo storage for carrying rugged luggage and equipment.

Dies tow hitch cargo basket has a maximum load capacity of 500 pounds. The MaxxHaul Hitch cargo carrier is made from robust heavy-duty alloy steel. It has been engineered to easily distribute the weight of the cargo bag throughout its base.

The basket weighs just about 23 pounds and can work on most vehicles. 

MaxxHaul is already a strong name in the recreational hitch-mount industry. It only makes sense that this cargo basket works with numerous cargo bags. 

This cargo carrier is s great choice if you are going for a simple trip, camping, or hauling construction equipment.

Wildroad Hitch Cargo Carrier Basket Combo

Wildroad is another popular brand when it comes to quality hitch cargo carriers. This product adds about 19 cubic feet to your car’s storage capacity. It comes with a base mesh for draining the carrier in case of spills.

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As a combo cargo carrier, you get a basket and a bag. Additionally, the product features all you need to install the cargo carrier to your vehicle. With all of these, you can easily set up the basket in a matter of minutes. Also, there are added straps that are enclosed for strapping the cargo bags onto the basket.

The wide basket can be attached firmly to the hitch receiver. There is an included hitch stabiliser that can help to stabilise the load on the basket.

With this cargo carrier, you also get a big cargo bag of about 18 cubic feet. Made from a robust material, it can be used to store and transport all types of loads. To provide durability, the cargo bag is engineered for exceptional waterproof functions. 

Just like most hitch cargo carriers, this product works in both the installed and the folded mode. 

FIVKLEMNZ foldable hitch cargo carrier

Another exceptional hitch cargo carrier is this option from FIVKLEMNZ. The heavy-duty trailer luggage basket comes with superior product quality. It can easily support a total load of a capacity of 500 pounds.  This foldable hitch cargo carrier comes with a basket and a bag. The waterproof product adds 16 cubic feet of carrying capacity to your vehicle. 

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Thanks to its robust alloy steel structure, you can easily support all types of cargo on this basket. The frame has been enhanced to be able to resist all the elements of weather.

You can easily assemble and install this basket onto your vehicle. All the necessary accessories are provided to ease up the installation process. If you have a 2-inch receiver, then you are good to go with this cargo carrier.

The cargo carrier has been tested for enhanced security. It features robust 6-inch high-side perimeter walls that help support your cargo as you move. In addition, the basket feature several tie-down points for all cargo. This cargo carrier comes with a mesh base that can stop your products from falling off. In addition, the mesh base stops items from falling off during transportation. 

Alle buyers of this exceptional cargo carrier get a bungee net. The highly elastic net helps to cover and secure the load as you travel.

For passionate users, this basket comes with dual reflectors, which enhances the visibility of the cargo assembly at night. This helps other road users become aware of the hitched rear cargo.

Overall, we can say that this FIVKLEMNZ foldable hitch cargo carrier gets the job done. For its price, you will get a lot of value.

 KAIZONPOT Hitch Rack Cargo Carrier

The KAIZONPOT Hitch Rack Cargo carrier is another exceptional hitch rack cargo carrier for users who need enough space in their vehicle cabins. This cargo carrier is a best seller among cargo hitch baskets.

The 5-star hitch cargo basket comes with all the tools and accessories that you need to install it. This makes product assembly and installation very fast and easy.

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On full assembly, the robustness and shape of the basket becomes apparent. Made from durable tubular allow steel, it can be attached to your vehicle in the hutch receiver.

It provides the needed external storage space for all types of vehicles. The cargo basket can also work with all types of vehicles. However, this option does not come with a cargo bag.

If you do not feel like using the basket, it can be folded easily to save up space at the rear of the vehicle. When in full use, the basket can support a load capacity of 500 pounds. The versatile cargo basket features adequate clearance from the ground. It can be used for transporting cargo bags, bicycles, boxes, equipment, and all types of cargo. Added to boost the security of the cargo assembly are a pair of reflectors. These shiny little objects help increase the visibility of the cargo basket at night. 

Finally, we can say that KAIZONPOT delivered a classic cargo towing product. It works well to get the job done. Plus, it is a great value for money too. 

NBXPOW folding hitch mount cargo carrier basket

The NBXPOW hutch mount cargo carrier is a premium combo unit that features a deluxe cargo bag and a basket. Made from high-quality materials, the basket and the bag have been designed for extreme performance.

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Featuring a set of smart accessories, the cargo carrier can easily be installed onto any vehicle. When assembled, it can be used to support the 16 cubic feet cargo bag. The cargo bag had s rectangular profile with the right dimensions.

Together, the assembly helps to support a cargo with a total capacity of 500 pounds. Its Ladebox comes in the right size to fit inside the basket. 

The basket and cargo bag combination works very well for pickups, trucks, SUVs, or cars. The hitching tube provides extreme strength to secure the basket onto the hutch receiver of the vehicle.

The structural components allow this basket to easily transfer the cargo load evenly within itself. While the basket assembly adds more cargo capacity to your vehicle, it comes with an elaborate folding feature. This means that it can easily be folded away when not in use. 

The cargo bag from NBXPOW is also made from quality material. This is a testament that the brand is very passionate about product integrity. The cargo bags feature:

  • A safety luggage combination locks
  • Comes with heavy-duty buckles and straps
  • All seams are double-machine welded
  • Features strong zippers with flaps

Lastly, the product from NBXPOW is strong, user-friendly, durable, and of great quality. It is highly recommended for people looking for a rugged and trusted hitch cargo carrier for their pickups or SUVs. The cargo carrier is also great for tough terrains too.

Mockins 60×20×6 Folding Cargo Carrier Hitch Mount

Another exceptional product from the famous brand, Mockins. This orange colour cargo carrier is a combo. It comes with a cargo bag and basket. The product comes with all the necessary accessories to endure easy and fast product assembly.

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When fully assembled, it can easily support about 500 pounds of cargo load. The cargo bag comes with a waterproof external material. As for the basket, it features a superior product design. This means that it can be neatly folded away when it is not in use.

The anti-rust alloy steel helps enhance the durability of the basket. In addition, it comes with the ability to resist rogue impact.

The waterproof cargo bag enhances the performance of the assembly. The components of this cargo bag feature various high-end parts that guarantee user satisfaction.

The cargo bag feature carry handles to help ease up the transportation and movement of the bag. In addition, this cargo bag features a cargo combination lock. 

Side-by-side Comparison of the Best Hitch Cargo Carriers

This is a basic comparison of the three top picks to help you make useful decisions about what you buy. 

Spotlight on the Main Features

Mockins XL 60×24×6 Folding Cargo Carrier Hitch Mount

  • This option features a basket and a cargo bag
  • Comes with a waterproof cover
  • The cargo bag comes with a secured lock system
  • Comes with quality ratchet straps to support the cargo bag
  • Features hitch stabilizers

 MeeFar Folding Hitch Cargo Carrier Basket and Cargo Bag

  • This hitch-mount cargo carrier features a basket and a cargo bag
  • The basket is made from durable and heavy-duty alloy steel
  • The basket is finished with a black textured and metallic silver finish.
  • It can easily resist rust and corrosion. 

 Mockins 60×20×6 folding Trailer Hitch Mount Cargo Carrier

  • Comes with a basket and a cargo bag
  • Has the capacity to support a 16 cubic feet cargo bag with a total load capacity of 500 pounds.
  •  Made from a durable anti-rust coated steel

Balancing Pros and Cons: A Fair Judgment

Mockins XL 60×24×6 Folding Cargo Carrier Hitch Mount


  • The cargo basket can be folded to create more space at the rear of the vehicle.
  • The basket and the cargo bag have great aesthetics.
  • Available in various colours and patterns.
  • This is a strong and sturdy option.


  • This is quite a costly option.
  • Has some manufacturing errors, such as when assembling.

MeeFar Folding Hitch Cargo Carrier Basket and Cargo Bag


  • Comes with a folding design
  • The hitch receiver can be extended to add more storage space
  • The package includes a cargo bag and various accessories and fittings. 


  • Not quite big on aesthetics

Mockins 60×20×6 folding Trailer Hitch Mount Cargo Carrier


  • Comes with a sleek exterior
  • This is a folding cargo carrier
  • Available in different colour variants
  • Great value for money
  • Can be assembled easily


  • There are too many similar fake cargo carriers in the market. 
  • The cargo basket and bag can 

Quick Comparison Table for Easy Reference

Mockins XL 60×24×6 Folding Cargo Carrier Hitch MountMockins 60×20×6 folding Trailer Hitch Mount Cargo CarrierMeeFar Folding Hitch Cargo Carrier Basket and Cargo Bag
MaterialHeavy-duty steelAlloy steelAbrasion resistant vinyl and steel
Carrying Capacity500 pounds500 pounds500 pounds
Abmessungen60×24×6 inches60×20×6 inches60×20×6 inches
Gewicht54.9 pounds59.9 pounds57 pounds
Cargo BagAvailableAvailableAvailable

Best Value Hitch Cargo Carriers for Budget-conscious Travelers

Top Picks for Those on a Budget

Best Budget without a cargo bag: MaxxHaul Hitch cargo carrier

Best Budget with a cargo bag: Wildroad Hitch Cargo Carrier Basket Combo

Best Budget cargo carrier with value: VEVOR 60×24×6 Hitch Mount Cargo Carrier

Evaluating the Best Bang-for-the-Buck Options

Best Biggest cargo carrier: Mockins XL 60×24×6 Folding Cargo Carrier Hitch Mount

Best All-in-one cargo carrier: Mockins 60×20×6 folding Trailer Hitch Mount Cargo Carrier

Best Extra Value cargo carrier: MeeFar Folding Hitch Cargo Carrier Basket and Cargo Bag

Keeping Your Hitch Cargo Carrier in Prime Condition

For you to always keep your hitch cargo carrier in top condition, you have to know how 

to maintain and store them. 

Maintenance Guidelines and Hacks

Your hitch cargo carrier is a great asset that should be properly maintained. When you maintain this box properly, you can easily get the best out of the product. The following guidelines and hacks will help you maintain this product:

Proper storage

One way to properly maintain your hitch cargo carrier is to store it the right way. Make sure that it is covered with the right weatherproof membrane.

Proper cleaning

To maintain your hitch cargo carrier in pristine condition, it should be cleaned regularly. Cleaning the hitch cargo carrier regularly will help you get rid of dust, dirt, and many other elements that settle on the surface.

Troubleshooting Common Problems

Hitch cargo carriers cannot be hitched to vehicles

Most hitch cargo carriers can be fitted to vehicles with 2-inch receivers. However, other options can be fitted to the 1.25-inch receivers. 

Lowered hitch cargo carrier

Sometimes when you install your hitch cargo carrier onto your car, you will notice that it is very close to the ground m

Frequently Asked Questions about Hitch Mount Cargo CarriersProviding Answers to Most Common Queries

What are Hitch Mount cargo carriers?

A hitch cargo carrier is an additional load-hauling fixture that is attached to the rear of the vehicle or a truck. It helps to increase the storage capacity of a vehicle.

Why do I need a hitch cargo carrier?

A hitch cargo carrier is an excellent way for you to transport your sporting gear for trips, journeys, and adventures. This is a smart vehicle fixture that is used to increase the storage capacity of the car. 

What is the maximum capacity of a hitch cargo carrier?

The typical capacity of a hitch cargo carrier ranges from 300 to 500 pounds. 

What device does the hitch cargo carrier gets attached to in the vehicle?

The hitch cargo carrier is attached to the hitch receiver of the vehicle. This is usually available in variants of 1.5 or 2 inches. 

What average speed should you maintain when your car has a hitch cargo carrier attached?

You must maintain a speed of under 90 miles per hour with the hitch cargo carrier.

Debunking Popular Myths Around Hitch Mount Cargo Carriers

Overloading the hitch cargo carrier will not be a problem

If you overload your hitch cargo carrier, there will be several issues:

  • It will go lower which can reduce the ground allowance.
  • It will obstruct your tail lights.
  • Your license plates will not be visible. 

Bigger is better

When it comes to hitch cargo carriers, it is not always wise to choose the bigger option. This is because it has to go along with the capacity of your vehicle. 

Wrapping Up

Revisiting the Top Choices

Final Words of Wisdom for Buyers on the Hunt

With so many brands of hitch cargo carriers in the market, we have decided to present the best products. These options will suit just about any short- or long-distance hauling requirements. The product featured above are all best-sellers and have proven to work excellently for all users. This is why they are in high demand.