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Best Roof Racks for 4runner

So, you have just purchased this shiny new 4runner or you have had your 4runner for a while and you’re craving to get on an adventure with it. But before you proceed with that, it is crucial to equip your car with the appropriate gear.

However, with the various types of roof racks on demand today, getting to know the right one for you can be a bit tough. This is the point where we intervene. 

We’ve put together a comprehensive guide to the 5 best roof racks for 4runners, based on research. Whether you desire a rack that’s aerodynamic, can be easily installed or one that has the capacity to haul a bunch of weight, this article has got you covered.

To start, we will be taking a look at the diverse types of roof racks obtainable, then proceed to their pros and cons. At the end, you’ll be able to decide on the flawless roof rack most suitable for your demands and in accordance with your budget. 

What to Consider When Choosing a Roof Rack for Your 4runner

There are certain factors that are necessary to be considered when choosing a roof rack for your 4runner. 

  1. What will the roof rack be used for? For rock racks that are to be used periodically, there might not be any need for purchasing a heavy-duty rack. However, for the transportation of large items or loads, such as kayaks, then it’s best to go for racks suitable for heftier loads. 
  2. Budgeting is highly imperative when making plans for a purchase, and roof racks are not exempted.  Roof racks vary In shapes and sizes, as well as in prices. Always ensure to go for the type that perfectly fits your budget and your needs.
  3. Ensure to put the weight of the roof rack into consideration. This is because some racks are not compatible with certain 4runner models both in weight and design. Therefore, it is of utmost importance to ensure that the rack you select will be compatible with your 4runner car. 

After putting all the factors into consideration, choosing the most suitable roof racks for your 4runner car becomes easier. 

In addition, you will also put into consideration the dimensions of the vehicle as well as the amount of weight the vehicle roof can handle. 

Why You Need a Roof Rack for Your 4runner

If you oftentimes transport hefty objects, then you certainly do need a roof rack. With a roof rack, there is provision for supplementary storage for all the gear remaining to be loaded. This also helps to augment the interior car space. 

One might want to assume that because they have got a hitch, there is no need for a roof rack. Well,  having a hitch is great but the use for a hitch is quite limited. What this means is that you can only carry a bike or a cargo carrier using a hitch. It is not suitable for carrying heavier or bulky items. This is why a roof rack is ideal at all times.

With a roof rack, there is an an auxiliary storage capacity for your 4runner, which permits you to haul bulkier objects like kayaks, surfboards etc. Also,  it allows your hitch to be used for more suitable alternatives.

Furthermore, with a roof rack,  it is easier to haul your toys and gaming equipment for your ski trips, or weekend beach vacation etc. Your roof racks gives you the maximum luxury to haul all that you require at once. 

The Classification of Roof Racks

There are three main classes of roof racks:

Roof Boxes

These are ideal for storing considerable items, like gears for camping or surplus luggage.

Roof Bars

These types are mainly used for hauling objects such as bikes, canoes, etc. 

Roof Baskets

These are excellent for hauling miniature items, like shopping bags, arranged luggages, etc.

After deciding on the class of roof rack suitable for your need, you will have to decide on the technique for attaching it. There are two major styles by which roof racks can be installed:

Fixed: Using this method, the racks are perpetually attached to your car, and they can’t be extracted.

Folding: This method involves folding or bending down the racks when they’re not being used. Usually,  the type of racks used here is most suitable for small cars.

The Best Roof Racks for 4runner

The Arksen Universal Roof Rack

The Arksen Universal Roof Rack -

The Arksen universal roof rack, which is about 64 inches, is a leading option for 4runner roof racks. It is empirical and highly functional. It comprises a sturdy steel frame that offers great versatility when it comes to the kinds of load it can transport, considering its load capacity, which is about 150pounds.

Stil on versatility, the Arsken is deemed an outstanding match for a Toyota 4runner roof rack. This is because its basket has the capacity to be used with different brackets.  What this implies is that its capabilities encompass the loading of luggage, gears for fishing, kayaks, etc., without the need or use of distinct parts for mounting each. Also, this basket is most suitable for vehicles that have crossbars and rails for mounting.

Based on buyer’s reviews, let’s take a look at its pros and cons; 


  • It is easy to mount and affordable. 
  • It is super functional. 
  • It is quite sturdy. 
  • It looks both stylish and rugged. 


  • It requires enough clearance under the crossbars for installation. 
  • During the installation, the rack doesn’t have support in the middle.
  • It is not rigid and strong enough to support too many loads without sagging halfway. 
  • It is not waterproofing and easily rusts when touched by rain. 

Genuine Toyota 4runner Roof Rack

Genuine Toyota 4runner Roof Rack

This type of roof rack is best described as a duo of sturdy, with non-aftermarket crossbars, which are designed to perfectly match the Toyota 4runner roof rails. Although it is most suitable for the 5th gen model of 4runner racks, which has a considerable weight capacity of 132 pounds.

The process of Installation for this roof rack is quite easy. However, it still requires certain care and attention. The crossbars descend into the niche found in the rails. Once the bars are firmly and perfectly positioned in the slots, you can proceed to arrange them parallel to the 4runners side rails. Then lock the bars with thumbscrews.

Basically, this roof rack has a slight disadvantage which is that the ends of the cross bars which clips onto the side rails of the 4Runner and its fastening tools are constructed using plastics. The plastic comes off strong, but there is no guarantee for the extended durability of using the clips. However, this type of roof rack is budget-friendly, hence the need for one to be a bit pragmatic with our expectations. 

Furthermore,  there are no locking tools for this roof rack,  thereby leading to little to no guarantee of optimized security of the racks.

Comparing the price with the functionality of this type of roof rack, it is safe to conclude that its level of functionality is worth the price. This roof rack type is super easy to install and sturdy and the cross bars are narrowly curved in design. 

Based on buyer’s reviews, here are some of the pros and cons of this product. 


  • Durable quality product, it is also easy to install and doesn’t require any modification. 
  • The product is strong and sturdy. 
  • The product is quite affordable. 


  • They function best when used occasionally. 
  • They are slightly curved, so any load that requires a flat surface for mounting may not fit properly. 
  • Does not fit all Toyota 4Runner models. 
  • It has plastic ends on the cross bars.        

Tyger Auto Roof Rack

Tyger Auto Roof Rack

The Tyger Auto Roof Rack is a fortified and exquisite basket design roof rack. It is most suitable for regular conservationists and sportsmen. It is designed with a steel tube frame which consists of a black E-coating which enables its imperviousness against rust. This feature is very important as it aids its protection against extended exposure to moist or drench environments. The rock’s are designed to offer enough storage capacity for cargo belts and traps.

The Installation process of this rack is quick and easy. This rack is most compatible with the 3rd, 4th, and 5th gen Toyota 4Runners. 

In general,  this type of roof rack is an excellent choice and quality for a 4runner. Its look is incredible and it is super solid when it is mounted on the car. However, vehicle owners who would want to consider this roof rack type are advised to put in some additional E-coating layer for an enhanced protection against rust.

Pros and Cons based on customer reviews. 


  • Fits perfectly.
  • Super functional, sturdy, and with a stylish design. 
  • It is versatile and super easy to assemble and install. 


  • They come a little short in length. 
  • A buyer complained of rust, even with the second product. 

 N-Fab T102 MRF Roof Rack

 N-Fab T102 MRF Roof Rack

The N-FAB roof rack is made of a lustrous, aerodynamic structure. Its aluminum feature boosts its lightweight yet highly durable nature. It has the capability to deal with hefty loads and extended vulnerability to severe background elements. It also has a wind oblation flap designed for wind noise reduction while the vehicle is in motion.

In addition, the N-FAB has mounting points at the front and rear areas for its LED lights. This helps for enhanced safety and clarity. Also, there exists a finish with black powder coating, with the 3-stage powder painting strategy of N-FAB for rust reduction.

Installing this roof rack onto your 4Runner involves an easy procedure as it needs no drilling. However, you should ensure ro place the bolts accurately so as to fit properly.  Also, when carrying out the installation process,  ensure to have an assistant to avoid making scratches on your 4runner roof. Furthermore, when using the racks, it is always advised to not go beyound the maximum weight limit. That won’t have a good effect on the rack and the car. 

In general, this roof rack type is very functional, lustrous, and compact with a good weight capacity and reliability and sturdiness. 

Pros and Cons based on customer reviews: 


  • Super easy to install. 
  • The roof rack is functional and has a stylish design. 


  • Instructional manuals are not very clear. 
  • Some customers complained of incomplete accessories and flimsy product quality. 

7BLACKSMITHS Universal Roof Racks

7BLACKSMITHS Universal Roof Racks

This 4runner rook rack type is formed from fortified and sturdy metal bars and side rails. It has a steel wind oblation plate. The finishing of the rack is made with a black powder covering. It is advised to apply a silicone adhesive on the various joints and weld when putting together the roof rack. This is a means of improving precautions to avert any rusting cases in future.

The main powerful distinctive feature of this rack system is that it has the capability of carrying a cargo weight of about 250 pounds. This type of 4runner roof rack is easy to put together. Also,  the mounting process is modifiable to fit in properly on your Toyota 4runner using the U-bolts.

In as much as the weight capacity of the rack basket is remarkable,  Although this basket’s weight capacity is impressive, changing the rack coating using a ductile material can be a good decision as this would help ensure that no scratches or collision damage from the usual loading and offloading of the cargo or tools will be encountered on the car roof.

The 7Blacksmiths roof racks are strong, highly durable and a perfect fit for Toyota 4runner. It supports an excellent weight capacity, very easy to assemble and had a considerable price tag with all its super features. 

Pros and Cons based on customers reviews: 


  • A perfect fit for Toyota 4Runner.
  • Super sleek, sturdy, and easy to install. 
  • Its dimensions are adjustable. 


  • It has no written instructions, just pictures, and graphics. 
  • It easily gets rusty. 
  • Easily gets faded.

Tips on Installing and Maintaining Roof Racks on 4runner

The Installation of a roof rack on a Toyota 4runner is imperative for enhancing the car’s usefulness. It helps the vehicle to become multifunctional in areas like carrying additional gear for a vacation or a highway journey and transportation of heavy and sturdy objects that won’t be considered if the car had no roof racks

However, before putting your roof racks to use, ensure that they have been properly and firmly installed. To that effect, we have provided a few times on its installation and maintenance;

  1. Carefully study the instructions. Every roof rack is unique; therefore, ensure to understand the procedure for installing and maintaining the precise model suitable for you.
  2. While installing the racks, always use a level to confirm that the racks are aligns accordingly. A bent or twisted rack is dangerous as it can cause damage to the car and even lead to accidents.
  3. Take your time to ensure an accurate tightening of the bolts. With this, you are guaranteed that your racks are safely attached to the vehicle without falling off while driving. 

After you are done installing the racks, you have to proceed to ensure that the racks are properly maintained. Below are a few times on the maintenance of these racks;

  1. Make sure the racks are always kept clean. Dirt and residue can cause damage to the car roof painting and the racks too. Ensure that the two are always thoroughly cleaned. 
  2. Regularly carry out inspections on the bolts. Here, you have to ensure that they all are right and in perfect condition. And for the loose ones, tighten them up at once. 
  3. Try to always reduce overloads. Overloading a roof rack can be dangerous and can lead to damages both on the racks and the vehicle.


An extraordinary roof rack can be considered as the distinction between a delightful road journey and a total tragedy.  While there are varieties of roof racks obtainable, some are cheap while others are not. Also, the type of action intended for the given roof rack should be considered. For delicate activities,  a basic rack can be suitable. But if it is to be used to transport heavy and bulky objects, its best to go for a more befitting rack.

Finally, putting the weight of the car and the racks into consideration is extremely important. These are some of the important points highlighted in this article that you will need to have in mind while carrying out a research on the most suitable roof rack for your Toyota 4runner!