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Pack Efficiently: Toyota Sienna Roof Cargo Box Guide

A Toyota Sienna Roof cargo box is an external accessory for your vehicle. It can add that much-needed additional trunk space for your trips.

When you purchased your Toyota Sienna car, you probably thought that the car came with adequate trunk space. However, when you used it once for your family trip, you realized the trunk space wasn’t enough. You need additional storage space for your camping gear. So, you finally stumbled on this article. We will help you make a good and durable choice.

We have scoured the entire marketplace for the best Toyota Sienna roof box. Our job is to help you find the correct cargo box for your vehicle. The following products are the best Toyota Sienna roof cargo boxes on the market.

Toyota Sienna Roof Cargo Box – Top Picks

Thule Motion XT XXL Cargo Carrier – The Best Cargo Box For Toyota Sienna

ir?t=roofbags 20&language=en US&l=li3&o=1&a=B01N2H7390This is an elaborate option for your Toyota Sienna vehicle. It comes with a sleek and aerodynamic look. It is a spacious option that can be mounted easily on your Toyota Sienna. If you like stylish roof cargo boxes, this option ticks that box.

This roof cargo box weighs about 55 pounds and comes in two colour variants. The bag gives you 22 cubic feet (610L) of additional storage space. It is a versatile storage box that can store all the items and gear your family needs for an outdoor trip.

There are other size variants of 16 and 18 cubic feet. These options suit people who prefer to travel with fewer items.

Accessing your items is a breeze with the Thule Motion XT XXL cargo box. It comes with an opening on both sides. This makes for excellent and easy access to your gear.

The box has a mechanism – the integrated torque indicator, which makes a suitable sound whenever the package has been mounted correctly. It is a device that indicates a secure fit.

The box has also been shaped aerodynamically to enhance the airflow around it. This way, there is little or no air resistance during vehicle movement. The aerodynamic-enhancement of this cargo box is due to the tapered front design of the box. It has been tapered stylishly to cater for air resistance. With minimal air resistance, there will be no noise or drag.

The box can be mounted in a way that will not interfere with the opening of the rear door. If you successfully close the box, an automatic Slidelock mechanism shuts the lid. As a winning roof cargo for your Toyota Sienna, this option is simple, sleek, and safe.

One of this option’s stand-out features is that they can be closed/opened easily, regardless of the weather. It also has supporting lid-lifters and outer handles that can be gripped easily. This bag offers a load capacity of 75kg.

Yakima Carbonite Skybox

ir?t=roofbags 20&language=en US&l=li3&o=1&a=B079SB538QThe Carbonite Skybox is one of the most stunning roof cargo boxes for your Toyota Sienna. This is a black roof cargo box with red accents.

If anything, the colour design of this option is enough to win you over. But the Carbonite Skybox does not stop there. You get a total weight of 75 pounds which is portable enough. However, you are given about 21 cubic feet of extra storage space.

This bag is more significant and weighs less than the Thule Motion. Once again, just like the previously reviewed cargo box, this option has openings on both sides. It also comes with a super latch, making it easy for the lid to be closed and opened at will.

The Yakima Carbonite Skybox has a stylish tapered design that improves its aerodynamic properties. This design enhances its ability to reduce hatch interference.

In terms of product installation, anyone can easily install the cargo box onto their Toyota Sienna car. The package can be installed without using any tools whatsoever. Furthermore, the Yakima Carbonite Skybox products are offered in more minor size variants.

People who prefer other smaller cargo boxes from Yakima can opt for these sizes. The stand-out features of the Carbonite Skybox from Yakima is why people buy it.

You can resist such features as a 28kg load capacity, a 21 cubic feet storage space, and a tool-free installation.

The Yakima Carbonite Skybox looks like a spaceship with its design features. Due to its colour combination, this is one of the best cargo boxes with an innovative design feature. It has been designed for users who crave stylish cargo boxes and other travel paraphernalia.

The shape of this box makes it possible for you to latch this onto your vehicle quickly. This way, you will not have to worry about vibration, shaking, and slipping. It comes with a secure mounting system for your Toyota Sienna. The last thing you need is for your travel box to fly off your roof and expose all your travel items and gear on the Interstate highway.

The Yakima Carbonite Skybox gives you the advantage of a secured mounting system. This works with the aerodynamic shape of the box to produce a quiet and smooth ride to your camping destination.

SportRackHorizon XL cargo box

ir?t=roofbags 20&language=en US&l=li3&o=1&a=B00BCLL7C6This option is perfect if you are looking for the ideal cargo box for your Toyota Sienna. While the package may lack the stylishness and design of other options on this list, it has its good sides.

The cargo box has a hard external shell, making it a highly durable product for long-term use. Its outer shell casing has been made from engineered plastic. This way, it is rugged enough to resist everything you throw its way.

With this cargo box, you get an additional 17 cubic feet of storage. It is a suitable extension for the storage trunk of your Toyota Sienna. The 17 cubic feet of extra space is a very generous storage capacity for your items. This means that you get to pack all your extra gear and stuff.

The makers of this Toyota Sienna cargo box have also ensured that it comes with an easily mountable function. This means you get all the accessories for proper latching onto your Toyota Sienna. The package also has a quick-release feature. This attachment kit mounts and removes the product from your car quickly.

However, the SportRackHorizon XL cargo box will also easily have a lot of factory racks. It is also ideal for square and round bars. With this product, you get a cargo box produced from ABS plastic material. This is a material that is optimized to resist impacts.

The SportRackHorizon XL cargo box features an additional cargo space of 17 cubic feet. You also have the advantage of going for smaller options. The Horizon Alpine or the Horizon L is built for people needing smaller cargo box sizes. The cargo box weighs just about 44 pounds.

The SportRackHorizon XL is a bestselling rooftop cargo carrier for your Toyota Sienna. While it performs all the typical functions of the cargo bag, it has unique features. It has a 50kg load capacity, a single opening, and is hardly durable. It comes with a hard shell that has been built to resist impacts.

Inno Shadow 16 Cargo box

ir?t=roofbags 20&language=en US&l=li3&o=1&a=B009AP35KSThe Inno Shadow 16 Cargo box is known for its beauty. Another feature of this box is that you can easily mount it onto your Toyota Sienna.

The box comes with a diffuser design which promotes a quieter drive. Then again, to facilitate easy access to your gear, this box comes with a dual opening. The dual-opening stylishly comes with an ergonomic slot on both sides. This makes it easy for you to reach over and retrieve or store items in the box.

The Inno Shadow 16 Cargo box is very compatible with your Sienna. In addition, this Toyota Sienna roof storage is also compatible with other vehicles. It will work well for your Wagons, Mini Vans, and SUVs. Outstanding features of this cargo box include the new memory easy mount system.

This is a standalone feature made by Inno that promotes easy installation. The box comes with all the accessories you will need to install it. Your Toyota Sienna gladly accepts the container because it has all the required features. This makes easy installation highly possible.

This bag adds a storage capacity of 13 cubic feet to your Toyota Sienna. Even better is the minimal weight of 42 pounds. This cargo box measures 72 by 26 by 11 inches.

The bag has been shaped and tapered to increase its aerodynamic properties. This means it will enhance the airflow around it during movement. This way, it is never blown off the vehicle roof. More pleasant is the fact that there will be reduced noise and drag.

This cargo box has a load capacity of 110 pounds. It has been optimized strongly to be firmly attached to your Toyota Sienna’s roof. This means you go full speed without worrying about the box sliding off the top. Furthermore, the bag securely attaches to the vehicle roof to prevent vibration and shaking.

The Thule Force XT Rooftop Cargo Box

The Thule Force XT cargo carrier is another bestselling product for your Toyota Sienna. This is another option from Thule that is highly recommended for outdoor trips. This box comes with an additional storage capacity of 11 cubic feet.

One of the standout features of this box is its ability to be accommodated on many vehicles. You can easily latch this box onto many vehicle roofs without any worries. Then again, you have just got to love the design of this cargo box.

It has been built as a compact box that looks sleek and stylish. To add to the stylish looks of this box is its tapered edge. This is used to promote its aerodynamic property. This aerodynamic property will help optimize the flow of air around the box.

This way, you will never have to worry about slipping and sliding. This aerodynamic function of the box will also minimize air resistance during motion. This way, there will be reduced noise and drag on the box.

Like every other rooftop cargo box from Thule, this option is equipped with the Power Click feature. This quick-mount function enables you to quickly load up this cargo box onto the roof of your vehicle. Moreover, there is a mechanism attached to the chest.

This mechanism indicates when the box has been mounted correctly. This is an integrated torque indicator. It snaps shut by making a distinct sound. This suggests that your cargo box has been fitted into place. This means that the package is securely held onto the roof of your vehicle.

You get a lock knob that helps smoothen the process of closing and opening. This feature ensures you do not end up damaging the product’s Comfort Key. This is one more cargo box that allows you to access your stored gear on both sides of the box. This means you can easily store or retrieve items from the package from any side of your Toyota Sienna.

Since the box sits slightly forward on the roof, this still makes it possible for you to have full trunk access. The cargo box offers 11 cubic feet of more storage space. It also weighs about 32 pounds.

This product from Thule comes with many outstanding features. We love the secure mounting systems from Thule. This reassures you that the box has been mounted safely atop your Toyota Sienna.

The box comes in a light and sleek external material. This is an option for people who like stylish travel cargo carriers. Then again, its load capacity of 165 pounds allows you to travel light.

Some Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best roof storage for Sienna?

The best roof storage for Sienna depends on your specific needs. However, the article highlights the Thule Motion XT XXL Cargo Carrier and the Yakima Carbonite Skybox as top choices due to their large storage capacity and easy installation.

Can I use a Thule cargo box as a cargo carrier for Toyota Sienna?

Yes, a Thule cargo box can be used as a cargo carrier for Toyota Sienna. Models like the Thule Motion XT XXL and the Thule Force XT are compatible with the Toyota Sienna and provide ample storage space for luggage.

How much additional Toyota Sienna luggage space can I get with a car top carrier?

The additional Toyota Sienna luggage space you can get with a car top carrier depends on the model of the carrier. For instance, the Thule Motion XT XXL provides an additional 22 cubic feet of space, while the Inno Shadow 16 offers an extra 13 cubic feet.

Is the Thule Convoy XT Rooftop Cargo Box a good Toyota Sienna roof cargo carrier?

The Thule Convoy XT Rooftop Cargo Box is a good Toyota Sienna roof cargo carrier. It provides 11 cubic feet of additional storage space and features a quick-mount function for easy installation.

What is the best roof box for camping with a Toyota Sienna?

The best roof box for camping with a Toyota Sienna could be the Yakima Carbonite Skybox or the Thule Motion XT XXL. Both offer ample storage space for camping gear and have aerodynamic designs for reduced noise and drag.

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