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White Roof Box Review 2023

White Roof Box – Buyer’s Guide

You have finally bought that WHITE vehicle to grace your car collection. However, you have to put up with the limited trunk capacity of the vehicle. Space comes at a premium, which means that you will not be able to haul off a majority of your items during long trips.

This means that you will need to spend some money to purchase a roof cargo box to give you more storage space. With your white vehicle, you will have to consider the aesthetics and choose a white roof cargo box.

When looking to buy a white roof cargo box for your car, there could be good and bad news.

The good news is that an all-white roof cargo box will improve the aesthetics of your vehicle. The bad news is that you will not easily find a white roof cargo box.

The most common roof boxes in the market are black. This is because black is a universal colour that is versatile enough to match many types of vehicles.

But, if you are out to hunt for a premium and affordable white roof cargo box, then we have got you covered with this buyer’s guide. It has all you need to know about a white roof cargo box.

Things to consider when buying a white roof cargo box

Buying a white roof box for your vehicle goes beyond just picking and choosing the right dealer. There are certain considerations you will need to make when buying one. They are:

1. Money

If you are going to be buying a white roof cargo box, know to have enough money. Since the product is hard to find in the market, a durable and quality product will come at a premium.

Since most white cargo boxes are unavailable in the market, the ones you see me that cost a small fortune. So many people fancy white roof cargo boxes because of their added benefits like aesthetics and style.

2. Maintenance

This is fine, you wouldn’t be buying a black roof cargo box. This is an all-white option. This means that you will need proper maintenance to keep it in pristine condition. Consider, the amount of maintenance each white roof box needs before buying one.

However, many options in the market are low maintenance. They wouldn’t cost you an arm and a leg to maintain. Taking extra care when using the box is one of the best ways to preserve its pristine condition.

3. External material

Your white roof cargo box unlike the black variant will be susceptible to marks and stains. To prevent possible defacing and stains, make sure you choose one with a rugged and robust outer shell.

Try to choose one that has been made with ABS plastic. Additionally, a robust external material will prevent possible damage to the roof box, which will stop any potential roof damage.

4. Dual side openings

You want a roof box that opens up at both sides. This makes it very easy for you to load and unload your gear. Also, a dual opening will enhance the way you store items in your roof box.

5. Beyond the stylish designs and curves

We all know how beautiful and remarkable a white roof cargo box is. However, if you were going to be buying one, you will need to focus on its features and elements.

You should choose a box that comes with enhanced properties. For example, increased aerodynamics means minimal drag and noise. This is an excellent fuel price value at the gas pump.

Benefits of buying a white roof cargo box

1. Improved aesthetics

A white roof cargo box on your vehicle can look incredibly stylish. It will certainly give your vehicle a fresh look. Not a lot of people have white roof cargo boxes. This means that you will always get the attention that you want.

2. Improves vehicle visibility

The White roof cargo box does more than provide a sleek and stylish cargo box. It can be useful for improving your vehicle visibility in bad and foggy weather. During bad weather when everything else looks pitch-black, the White cargo box may just be a lifesaver. With heavy articulated trailers and 18-wheelers on the prowl around rough terrains, you never know what to expect. Your white roof cargo box is highly visible on your vehicle. Therefore, other road users are alerted of your presence, especially in times of poor visibility.

3. Easy maintenance

The notion that white roof cargo boxes get dirty easily isn’t true with this one. Many roof cargo boxes (especially white) come with specific cleaning and maintenance routines. With the right products, they can be easily maintained for long-lasting performance.

4. Easy identification

With a white roof cargo box on your car, you can easily be identified anywhere. This is useful against theft and lost items.

5. Excellent investments

A white roof cargo box on your vehicle is an excellent investment. They are not only made to look sleek, but they can also be extremely durable. This is because they are made from durable and robust materials. A box made this way will last for a long time. Also, this material means that with time, the box will not tear, crack, or fade.

These white roof cargo boxes are made from heavy-duty products. They have been made with materials that are both UV and rust-resistant. A lot of them are polished with glossy white pigment to enhance their waterproofing features.

What are the best white roof cargo boxes in the market?

There are several available white roof cargo boxes for sale in the market. These available options come with mixed quality and properties. If you are looking to buy something durable and functional, then this guide will show you how. Below is an overview of the best white roof boxes.

White Goplus Cargo Box

q? encoding=UTF8&ASIN=B07K76F1LT&Format= SL250 &ID=AsinImage&MarketPlace=US&ServiceVersion=20070822&WS=1&tag=roofbags 20&language=en USWhite Goplus Cargo Box

The White Goplus Cargo Box is fancied by many people due to the great value that it offers. This product has been designed into a customer white variant by a popular roof box maker.
This is a great option for an all-white vehicle. Also, this product comes in other colours.
But there is something about this pristine white colour that makes it stand out.
It comes in glossy white colour with a smooth texture. The external casing is not susceptible to scratches and abrasion. This is something many white roof cargo boxes do not have. But this product handles well with rough handling.
As an excellent storage option for your vehicle, this storage box adds 14 cubic feet of additional storage to your all-white vehicle. This storage box also does well in its weight efficiency.
It is capable of holding items with a total load of 165 pounds. You are sure of a secure and safe transit of your items from point A to B. This means that you will have plenty of space in the cabin of your vehicle.
The roof box has been fitted with a very strong metallic lid. This makes it strong enough to withstand anything that the weather throws at it.
Rain, snow, sleet, sun, UV rays, extreme temperatures, fluctuating atmospheric pressure, dry humidity, you name it! This all-white roof cargo box will certainly hold up.
It has been built to deliver in terms of performance regardless of the rugged terrain.
Also, you get an integrated lock mechanism that will certainly enhance the security of the box. This feature means that there will not be any breaches to the box during use. The lock mechanism is sure to hold up even in your absence.
Also, this roof box has a base that has been made from engineered material. Featuring super high-quality PVC and ABS plastic material, you are sure to have a long-lasting product.
This amazing white roof cargo box also does well with mounting and installation. During the process of mounting, you will want to be careful to avoid any rough handling of the box.
This will be avoided if you use the four anchors for quick connection and installation. These anchors quickly grasp the roof bars of your vehicle. This makes it easy for you to hoist this roof cargo box in a secured and fast manner.
As soon as the white roof cargo box is safely mounted onto your vehicle, you can start loading the items. With a safe mounting system, you can load and unload any item you wish.
Also, loading and unloading are easy because of the dual slots on both sides of the cargo box. This makes access during movement very easy. People usually fancy roof cargo boxes with dual slots on either side. This is a very strong advantage for this white roof cargo box.
With all things considered, this is an award-winning product from Goplus Cargo Box makers. The cargo box can fit easily while looking secure and strong. Also, with a glossy white finish, this cargo box stands out. It features subtle branding logos around the sides.
In the final analysis, this is a sure product that will do the job while bringing out the very best in your all-white vehicle.

INNO BRM466WH Phantom

q? encoding=UTF8&ASIN=B07D7R6F99&Format= SL250 &ID=AsinImage&MarketPlace=US&ServiceVersion=20070822&WS=1&tag=roofbags 20&language=en USINNO BRM466WH Phantom

If you are the kind with a white vehicle looking for a roof cargo box, then look no further! Introducing, the all-new INNO BRM466WH Phantom roof cargo box.
This is a remarkable product if you are looking to fully expand the storage capacity of your white vehicle. As a huge roof cargo box, the product is perfect for people with a lot of items.
The box features an all-white glossy design and a smooth finish. The external case has also been made with a stain-resistant finish. This means that you get a box that is tough on abrasions and marks. The back also features chrome handles.
Also, one of the stand-out features of this roof cargo box is its shape. It has been shaped ergonomically to enhance vehicle movement. The sage will certainly enhance the flow of air around the vehicle. This will then reduce drag and noise during movement. In the end, you find out that you have an improved fuel economy.
Despite being an all-white product, this roof cargo box features robust elements. Its outer casing is made of a tough and durable material to resist all the elements of weather.
Also, this external shell can protect the box from abrasion and bruises.
As a high-grade roof cargo box, it comes with the patented INNO memory installation system. This makes the cargo box easy to install o to the vehicle. The installation system will be highly useful in this case because you will want to avoid scratches to the box and the vehicle at all costs.
Therefore, the INNO BRM466WH Phantom is the best roof cargo box in terms of installation. The cargo box makers ensured that there were able to fit a unique and custom installation mechanism. This certainly enhances the user experience of the product.
As an all-white roof cargo box, it comes with very large storage space. This means that you can finally go out on group trips and adventures. Buy, wait! How much more storage space will you be getting? The newly improved INNO BRM466WH Phantom will add 18 cubic feet of additional storage to your white vehicle.
As a product with a high storage capacity, the roof box can store quite a lot. It can swallow up about 8 snowboards and 10 skis. Thanks to its huge interiors, you can store all types of camping items in the box. Your tents, briefcases, mats, storage boxes, and many other items can all go into this box.
And also, the box holds up pretty fine when it comes to weight. It can support a maximum weight capacity of about 165 pounds.
If you need an all-white roof box to carry so much load and look good, the INNO BRM466WH Phantom does this effortlessly. Also, this roof cargo box will easily work with vehicles of other colours. It has been built in such a way that many buyers will love it. It is versatile and beautiful. The roof box will make you compromise your preferences for other colours.
As a white roof box, it is very easy to maintain. It is also durable. Similar to roof boxes of other colour variants, this all-white roof cargo box has been engineered for performance. This is why it comes highly recommended for everyone looking for additional storage spaces for their vehicles.

INNO BRM665WH Wedge Cargo Box

q? encoding=UTF8&ASIN=B06W9MFN84&Format= SL250 &ID=AsinImage&MarketPlace=US&ServiceVersion=20070822&WS=1&tag=roofbags 20&language=en USINNO BRM665WH Wedge Cargo Box

If you were a roof box seller, you will notice that the INNO BRM466WH Phantom is flying off shelves at an alarming rate. This is a bestseller any day. Whether you have a white vehicle or not, the INNO BRM466WH Phantom is sure to hold you down.
This is a product from another household name in the business. With the INNO Wedge Cargo box, INNO Advanced Car Racks have sure delivered a classic!!!
Apart from its aesthetics, this remarkable roof box has all you need for enhanced user experiences. This is a roof box that has all you need in terms of performance and aesthetics.
The Wedge from INNO (a popular roof cargo box brand) is everyone’s favourite. It adds just about 14 cubic feet of additional storage.
This is an all-white beauty that can also act like a beast. The box comes with a wide spectrum of features that makes it irresistible. Completed with a complimentary white gloss finish, it is stylish and elegant.
The box features a brand new track design which makes forward adjustment very simple. You can easily adjust the box backwards or forward. Also, to keep our all-weather elements, the box comes with a superior seal. This means that the bag is resistant to snow, rain, wind, sleet, and so on.
The bag features an anti-theft mechanism by way of a safety lock. This safety lock mechanism supports an easy locking process as soon as you have safely locked up the bag.
This roof box has been shaped aerodynamically to enhance the flow of air. With improved airflow, you get minimal drag and noise during movement. This means enough value for you at the gas station.
The curves and bevels on its body enhance the aesthetics and performance delivered by the product. Its underbelly comes with a robust collection of mounting features that firmly grips any roof rails or crossbars.
The INNO BRM466WH Phantom does well with so many roof rack systems. It works well with most factory vehicle racks. Also, you can use this roof box with the round, square, and Aero racks without any problems.
Finally, this roof cargo box has been finished using rugged plastic.
In terms of additional storage capacity, this white roof box gets the job done. It offers an additional storage capacity of 14 cubic feet. This is just as much for you to store any gear for your trip. It also does well in handling a lot of loads. However, the load that can be handled by this gentle beast is capped at 110 pounds. This means that you will have to adhere to this load limit to prevent possible damage to your vehicle or the roof box.
The dual-side openings make it easy for you to access your gear even when on the road. This opening also makes loading and unloading very easy and fast.
The INNO BRM466WH Phantom is not huge on branding. There is a subtle brand logo on both sides.

MENABO White Roof Box Luggage

q? encoding=UTF8&ASIN=B07MT3ZNQ8&Format= SL250 &ID=AsinImage&MarketPlace=GB&ServiceVersion=20070822&WS=1&tag=sameera02 21&language=en GBMENABO White Roof Box Luggage

This is another highly rated white roof box luggage to greatly complement your vehicle. The first feature of this roof box is its gloss finish.
It also features an aerodynamic profile which introduces a lot of curves to the product. The aerodynamic curve finishes off with downward tapering at the front of the box. This feature is used to enhance airflow around the box. The flow of air is essentially improved due to the downward tapering. What you get is a box that reduces vehicle drag during movement.
If drag is reduced on your roof carriage, this means that the noise will be drastically reduced. Also, as drag is reduced, your fuel economy is improved. This means that you won’t be using more fuel than necessary to move the vehicle. You can save money at the gas station.
The aerodynamic design perfectly combines with functionality to provide a functional design.
This is an authentic roof cargo box that is made from engineered ABS plastic. With this material used for the external casing, you are assured of sustained durability and serviceability.
This is a big enough roof cargo box that comes with a dimension of 130 cm (L) x 78 cm (W) x 25 cm (H). The box adds 16 cubic feet of storage to the trunk of your vehicle. Now, this is more than enough additional space for more of your gear. It has an approximate weight of 12 kg. This means that it is something that any vehicle can handle, even at full capacity.
The bag features a central locking mechanism that is used to guarantee the prevention of theft and accidental spillage. This feature is guaranteed to be a lifesaver. Many people usually aren’t too careful with their roof cargo boxes. The central locking system will add that extra layer of protection.
If you are going to secure this box on your roof, you will need a U-bracket. The U-bracket is used to attach the roof box to the roof rack on the vehicle. Due to its firm clutch, the U-bracket is used as a rigid clamp to provide a strong grip on the roof rack. This secured locking clamp system is used to prevent any movements, vibrations, shaking, or slipping. A U-bracket ensures that the roof cargo box goes nowhere even when full.
The MENABO White cargo box will certainly add more comfort and aesthetics to any trip. You get to load up all your gear on the roof while you create more space in the cabin. This means more friends and family members for a fun and adventurous trip.
Finally, the White cargo box is a multipurpose product that can be used to protect all your gear. It is spacious enough to accommodate multiple luggage at the same time.