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Audi Q5 Roof Box – Buyer’s Guide

The Audi Q5 roof box is a bestseller among lifestyle buyers who need maximum comfort and style. There is just enough cabin space for people with small families. Also, the vehicle handles well in all types of road conditions.

However, when it comes to traveling with your gear for an adventurous trip, the Audi Q5 may not have what you need. The vehicle has been designed for a few people and a few items. If you are the type that likes to take a lot of stuff with you for any trip, then this vehicle does not have enough space for all that.

One of the downsides of the Q5 is its space capacity. However, do not worry. There are many roof cargo boxes for the Audi Q5 that will help you overcome this problem. But if you will be hitting the market very soon for a cargo box, there are certain things that you need to know. There are a few roof cargo boxes that can suit your Q5 ideally.

Since roof boxes are naturally expensive, it is always good to choose the one that best suits your Audi Q5. This is why we have put together a definitive buyer’s guide for the Audi Q5 roof cargo boxes.

All roof cargo boxes that we have featured in this collection are very compatible with the Audi Q5. These roof cargo boxes will do the job when it comes to packing up and going for that fun trip. All roof cargo boxes have been designed with the best features.

The Best Roof Cargo Boxes For The Audi Q5

The following roof cargo boxes have been hand-selected based on their suitability for the Audi Q5. All products are relatively new in the market and are very versatile.

1. Thule Motion XT Rooftop Cargo Carrier – Best Roof Box for Audi Q5

Thule Motion XT Rooftop Cargo Carrier

If you are thinking of a suitable roof cargo box for your Audi Q5, this option works well. It doesn’t need any introduction. The Swedish rooftop cargo box maker added an amazing touch of versatility with this product. As one of the flagship products from the Thule store, you are certain this product will deliver in terms of performance.
The first thing you notice about this roof cargo box is its sleek exterior. It reminds you of the smooth body texture of a black beetle.
Featuring a glossy black finish, the roof cargo box has several components in its underbelly. These miniature clamps help it hold firmly onto the roof racks in your Audi Q5.
The Motion XT also comes with an ergonomic curve to complement the roof curves in your vehicle. This curve also goes on to enhance the aerodynamics of the box. This means an increased fuel economy due to drag and noise reduction during movement.
Due to the fasteners present in its underbelly, the Thule Motion XT is very easy to install. This is the perfect choice for people who do not want to waste any time through installation. With its mounting components, installing the new roof box will not be a problem.
The roof cargo box comes with handles that can be gripped very easily. These handles complement the rigged features of the exteriors. All of these make this cargo box a user-friendly product in any weather.
Also, the lid come with lifters that make lifting a breeze. This makes it a lot easier for you to easily pack and unpack your items from the cargo box.
As an enhanced feature from Thule, the Motion XT features a secure locking mechanism. Introducing the box slide-lock system, you are guaranteed a safe and sound locking mechanism. This feature is used to indicate when the roof box has been secured shut. This way, you can easily drive away knowing that your roof cargo box is shut and locked firmly.
The Thule Motion XT has been designed and engineered to sit safely on your Audi Q5. This makes it one of the best roof cargo boxes for this vehicle. It has been designed to sit forward safely on the car roof for the best performance.
This feature has been safely included to promote efficiency in using your trunk. With the forward-sitting feature of this roof cargo box, you can easily open up the trunk of the vehicle. You will not have to worry about the trunk door hitting the roof box.
Also, the feature ensures that you can fully have access to your vehicle trunk.
The Thule Motion XT also spots a must-see interior that features the finest in roof cargo box materials. This interior has been designed to protect and shield all stored items. You are guaranteed against theft and all weather elements.


  • Features a dual-opening roof box.
  • Comes from a famous roof box maker.
  • Comes with mounting hardware for easy and quick installation.
  • Fully functional in all types of weather conditions.
  • Comes with a safe locking system.


  • It can be expensive.

2. INNO Wedge Rooftop Cargo Box

INNO BRM660WH Wedge Cargo Box

The Wedge rooftop cargo box from INNO car roof cargo makers is another great option for your Audi Q5. If you are thinking about increasing the storage space in your Audi Q5, this is an amazing option.

This Inno roof box comes in a streamlined shape. It comes in a glossy black finish that augments its aerodynamic curves.

The shape of this rooftop cargo box is used to enhance its usage and performance.

Beyond the appearance of the Wedge cargo box, there are mounting features. Apart from offering pretty easy mounting features, you have a product with top versatility.

This is a roof box that can be installed on any factory rack. It comes with slots on both sides. This dual-side feature makes it easy for you to have access to your gear.

This is an important feature, especially with busy highways and interstate roads. You can safely go to any side suitable for you and access your items.

Also, with the Wedge from INNO, you need not worry about opening its hatch to access all your items that are inside of it. This roof box come with tracks that enable you to easily adjust it. With this adjustable feature, it means that you can easily access your gear at any time.

Additionally, the roof box has been produced with excellent material. Featuring an engineered plastic external casing, you are sure of the durability and serviceability of this roof cargo box.

The external material also works to resist all elements of the weather. It is resistant to moisture and is fine for use during days with high humidity. Try it on your Audi Q5 to see that it can safely repel water in the form of rain, sleet, hail, or snow. It can also hold its own against violent winds.

Its external robust casing also helps resisted ultraviolet rays from the sun. All of these resisting features ensure that your gear and items are kept safe at all times.


  • This is a good-looking roof box for the Audi Q5.
  • Can be installed easily on a majority of factory racks.
  • Features a dual-sided opening which makes loading and unloading very easy.
  • Comes with a great aerodynamic design to help save money and reduce wind noise.
  • Features a strong waterproof feature to keep out water and moisture.
  • Comes with a great safety lock system.
  • It is compatible with Aero, round, square bars, and many factory racks.


  • This may not be a popular brand for new users.
  • Available in limited style variants.

3. INNO Ridge Cargo Box

INNO Ridge Cargo Box

The INNO Ridge Cargo Box is a product from Japan, just like the Wedge cargo box from the same manufacturer. If you are looking for a quality roof cargo box for your Audi Q5, then this is certainly a great option. INNO is a strong brand name in the roof box industry, and therefore all their products are trustworthy and reliable.

This is a budget option and comes at an affordable price compared to similar products in the market. However, Inno cargo box also has more expensive and high-performance models. But the Ridge has been engineered to work for those looking for a mid-level roof box for their Audi Q5s. This roof box comes with an aerodynamic design to ensure that all whistling is minimized during movement.

Also, the roof box has been produced using ABS material, which means that you are guaranteed strength and robust performance. Also, the box is a generally lightweight product. While the roof box is mainly marketed for smaller vehicles, it is also ideal for your Audi Q5.

Many Audi Q5 owners have purchased this option for their cars; it looks sleek and nice. Therefore, if you have the Audi Q5, do not hesitate to consider this option unless you want to specific roof box.

The roof box comes with an 8-cubic-feet load capacity, making it a great choice for golfers and camping. While you may not be able to fit your skis onto this roof box, you have enough available space for mounting a ski rack.

The roof box has a 128 cm length limit. This means that you can mount a ski rack onto the inno roof rack. This gives more space to add more gear inside the box.

The roof box comes with a U-bolt mounting system that makes installation easy and quick. The thing about the roof box is that it comes with its accessories included in its package. You also get a safety lock system that features a central access key.

One great feature of the INNO Ridge Cargo Box is its small form factor. This means that installation is a breeze. It is also a user-friendly product that is designed to keep your gear safe. One side opening is provided for the passenger to help create easy access on the passenger side, especially in traffic.


  • Features a great aerodynamic design.
  • Comes with a universal fit system which makes it compatible with a majority of roof bars like square bars, round bars, and factory-fitted racks.
  • Features robust ABS construction for rugged performance and great durability.
  • Comes with a lightweight design.
  • This is an affordable roof box with good quality.


  • Not ideal for hauling skis.
  • Features one side opening.

4. SportRack Horizon Alpine Cargo Box

SportRack Horizon Alpine Cargo Box

Roof boxes can be very expensive. This is due to their versatile and purposeful nature. With a roof box, you can free up enough space in the cabin for your car. This means that more family and friends can join in on the fun.

If you are looking for the right option for your Audi Q5, there are several that you can choose from. While the Alpine models are very popular in the market, other available options for you are the Horizon L and the XL. However, these options are costlier than the Alpine.

The Alpine is a budget option in this amazing line of roof boxes for your Audi Q5. It provides you with additional storage space. You can easily fit your luggage and some selected gear. If you love to have some fun in the snow, then this is the roof box that you should be thinking of buying.

The roof box can be used to fit in your skis of about 210 cm in length. And if you are travelling with family and friends, they too can bring their skis.

If you have an Audi Q5 and you need the best option for hauling your skis, then the SportRack Horizon Alpine Cargo Box is your best bet. The cargo box has been made specifically for hauling multiple pairs of skis.

The SportRack Horizon Alpine Cargo Box can be installed easily onto your Audi Q5 as it comes with the U-bolt mounting system. It comes with all you need to install it onto your car. This means that you need not get a technician to do any installations for you.

Also, the Alpine has been engineered for great versatility. You can use this roof box on a majority of roof racks out there. And when buying the product, you don’t have to worry about your vehicle. The roof box comes with enhanced security features because it comes with a key lock. This is further enhanced by the centralized locking system.

The roof box features just a single opening which is located on the passenger side. Also, due to its affordability, the SportRack Horizon Alpine Cargo Box is a highly recommended option for your Audi Q5. This roof box sure holds up just like the higher-priced models and works great for various purposes.

It has been recommended for those who love snowboarding and skiing as it comes with various features to haul your skis and snowboards. Also, if you have more friends coming over or you have a big family, the bigger models may be ideal. The price difference isn’t much and they offer that typical trademark performance that the SportRack brand is known for.


  • Features a rugged construction for durability and performance.
  • You get to choose between 3 size variants.
  • Great for transporting skis.
  • Can be used to haul about 3 snowboards and 5 skis.
  • Comes with a universal mounting system that makes installation easy.


  • Comes with a one-sided opening.
  • Not recommended for working and camping equipment.

5. Thule Sidekick Roof Cargo Box

Thule Sidekick Roof Cargo Box

The Sidekick from Thule is easily one of the best budget roof boxes for your Audi Q5. The box comes with a great design and finishes to present a very good look. This is a roof box that comes with a small form factor. With this compact size, you can only store small gear in the box.

If you are in the market for a roof box for Audi q5, this should be among the cheapest in your list of high-grade options. The fact that it comes at an entry-level price does not mean that the box comes with low performance.

However, the roof box for the Audi q5 is not engineered to carry your skis. This is due to the small form factor of the box. The small form factor is a major reason the box comes at such a low price. Apart from moving skis, you will find this box suitable for hauling everything else.

The Thule Sidekick roof cargo box does not come with the same load capacity as the Thule Pulse. It has been designed for users who need to haul smaller loads and nothing too big. Therefore, the roof box has been designed for campers, golfers, and those with small loads to haul.

While the Thule Sidekick roof cargo box may be a bad idea for hauling your skiing equipment, it is a great option for other equipment. It works great with your golfing equipment and your camping items. If you love camping or golfing, then the Sidekick from Thule is a recommended option for your Audi Q5. As a plus, the Thule Sidekick roof cargo box is also recommended for anyone looking for additional storage spaces in their cars.

This box is great due to its versatility. It works with almost all types of roof racks. Also, it works with all Thule racks. Also, it is highly compatible with any round bar and will work with all factory racks.

While installation requires some skill, however, it shouldn’t be very complicated for beginners. With the U-bolt mounting system, the installation process can be a breeze. Just follow the instruction provided in the manual and there should not be any problems. Also, the roof box comes with all the necessary installation accessories – all installation hardware, knobs, and U-bolts.


  • Features U-bolts that guarantee a tight and secure fit.
  • Comes in a compact design that promotes user-friendliness.
  • Comes with a warranty.
  • Comes with sufficient space to install more equipment.


  • Does not carry skis and snowboards.
  • Does not have any shallow design.
  • Can only be found in one size.

FAQs On Audi Q5 Roof Box

1. Does the Audi Q5 come with roof rails?

The Audi Q5 comes with specially-designed roof bars. These roof bars can be found in the SQ5 a
and the Q5 models that come with pre-installed roof rails. With these roof bars, you can easily mount practical transporting solutions onto the roof of your Q5. This means that you can transport your snowboard, ski carriers, luggage boxes, and bicycle racks. It even features the T-groove solution that makes it easy to haul your kayak racks.

2. Are the Audi Q5 roof bars compatible with Thule roof boxes?

Thule makes a broad collection of roof racks that can be made to fit all types of Audi cars with this including the popular Q5 models. Thule offers a wide range of roof boxes that are compatible with the Audi Q5.

3. Can a roof box be too large for your Audi Q5?

Some roof boxes may appear too large for your Q5. This is how you will have to visualize the way that the roof box will look when it is attached to your Audi Q5. It is not recommended to buy a roof box that may look too large for your car. Especially if the box protrudes over the roof of your car. This may potentially obstruct the vision of the driver of the car.

4. Can I Install a roof rail onto my Audi Q5?

Yes, you can install one onto your Audi Q5, but there might not be a need for this as many SUVs and cars come with standard roof racks. However, if your Audi Q5 comes with any roof rails, it is recommended that you install the roof rails yourself. As a user-friendly product, it features an entry-level installation system.

5. Why does the roof box which I have installed on my Audi Q5 whistle?

One of the main challenges of drivers who have fitted roof boxes onto their Audi Q5 is the production of whistling noises. This strange noise usually happens when the car is driven at high speeds. The whistling happens due to the presence of gaps located between the base and the bars.