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Chrysler Pacifica Roof Storage 2023

The Chrysler Pacifica is a very remarkable vehicle that comes with all the most amazing specifications for a minivan. This is a typical US-made vehicle that has been optimized for a maximum family adventure. Over the years, the Chrysler Pacifica has received various upgrades to its designs and aesthetics. However, the trunk storage capacity remains the same. While the car features a decent trunk capacity, this may not be enough for large families.

When going on a camping trip, you need as many people as possible to make it more fun. This means that you will be needing more cabin space and additional storage capacity. At this point, the Chrysler Pacifica is limited. This means that you as an owner of the vehicle will need to consider getting additional storage options for the vehicle.

This means that you will want to buy a roof cargo box for the vehicle. Buying a roof cargo box for this vehicle will be a wonderful additional item. This will provide you with the additional storage space that you need for more people to join in on the fun.

Many inexperienced roof cargo box users usually think that the item impacts their driving. Modern roof boxes do not affect the way you drive your vehicle. These cargo boxes have been engineered and designed to be lightweight and aerodynamic.

Another great importance of the roof cargo box is the fact that there are many options available in the market. It is important to know what roof boxes the Chrysler Pacifica can work with. This is because not every roof box in the market has been optimized for your vehicle. You may end up buying an option that may cause more damage to your vehicle.

Also, while it is good to have options with roof boxes for the Pacifica, this means that inexperienced buyers will find it difficult to buy the right product for their vehicle. It means that you will start dealing with different technicalities that you may not need to deal with.

This is why this buyer’s guide is important.

Chrysler Pacifica Roof Storage Cargo Box : Buyer’s guide

1. Thule Force XT Rooftop Cargo Box

Thule Force XT Rooftop Cargo Box

The Thule Force XT Rooftop Cargo Box is a smashing roof box that triumphs as an elegant storage box. If you love sensational roof cargo boxes, this is one perfect choice for your Chrysler Pacifica. You will fall in love with the sleek design of this box. It is love at first sight with the Thule Force XT Rooftop Cargo box because its aerodynamic curves greatly augment its glossy black exterior.

Also, another great reason to buy this box is the fact that it is coming from a reliable roof Cargo box company. The Swedish roof box maker has been around for quite some time. The company is known for producing dynamic and quality outdoor products. All the products from Thule so far have inspired a challenge in the market. The company excels when it comes to the most innovative and forward-thinking rooftop cargo box makers. It has injected that inspiration into the Thule Force XT Rooftop Cargo box.

The box comes with all the right features that you would expect from a box. It has been designed and engineered to perfection. This means that it is ready to be mounted on any SUVs or minivans. The Thule box is offered in four various sizes based on the requirements of the buyer. As it is, not many people would prefer to go for the biggest size in the market.

Therefore, the company have introduced four different size variants to cater to the needs of customers. In terms of size variants, you get 11, 16, 18, and 22 cubic feet as options.

Also, we have tried and tested all the roof cargo boxes. From our results, we discovered that the 16 cubic foot option is the most perfect option for the Chrysler Pacifica. When thinking about size, the 16 cubic foot option is neither small nor big. It does not look out of place with your vehicle.

As to why buyers should add the Thule Force XT Rooftop Cargo box to their shopping carts, there are several reasons. The Thule Force XT Rooftop Cargo box is another remarkable release that is armed with a collection of features.

In the first case, the bag has an aerodynamic feature that minimizes drag and noise. This means that it improves the fuel economy of any vehicle. While the bag may seem too big, it looks aesthetically pleasing to the eyes. The bag producers have added features to help secure the roof cargo box. You get the PowerClick mounting system that helps secure the bag.

The Force XT comes with easy accessibility with increases its security features. You get openings at both sides of the roof cargo box. This feature makes loading and unloading a lot easier. As an innovative roof cargo box, it is useful for people who love skiing. The Thule Force XT Rooftop box has enough storage space to fit skateboards, skis, and so on. You can even store your camping chairs in this bag. With this additional storage capacity, you can create additional space in your vehicle.

You also get anti-theft features with this bag. This feature means that your roof cargo box is always safe even when you are not around it. The box features come with a set of dual keys and two Locking knobs. It guarantees you peace of mind knowing that all your stored items are safe. Buy to enhance the safety and secured function of the bag, you should make sure that the bag is fully secured and closed.


  • Nice aesthetics.
  • Works perfectly on SUVs.
  • Available in four different size variants.
  • Comes with excellent fuel economy.
  • The PowerClick mounting system helps enhance installation.
  • Features a dual-side opening.
  • Features a set of keys and two locks to safeguard and secure your gear.


  • Available in limited colour options.

2. Goplus Cargo Rooftop Box

Goplus Cargo Rooftop Box

Introducing the GoPlus Rooftop box for your Chrysler Pacifica. This is one elegant and beautiful roof box cargo that will help you enhance the beauty of your vehicle. The GoPlus may be a beautiful product to buy in the market, but it is recommended that you still check its features. However, this is one attractive product release from Goplus, another household brand in the business for vehicle Rooftop boxes.

The box features a subtle match between its pitch-black colour and its ergonomic shape for enhanced performance. The box comes with a smashing look that will inspire you to purchase it even before knowing its specs.

So, what features does the GoPlus Cargo Rooftop box come with?

The GoPlus Cargo Rooftop box has been designed to come with a sufficient storage space that is about 14 cubic feet in size. In addition, owners will also get a bag that comes with a loading capacity of nearly 170 pounds. The bag has been made from PC and ABS materials that are robust enough to protect any product. Using a material combination of ABS and PC produced a durable and lightweight material that enhances performance and functionality.

Also, with this roof cargo box, you have lid stiffeners which are presented in the underbelly of this product. With the lid stiffer, the box is given more rigidity while safety and stability are also enhanced.

When it comes to whether this product will fit onto your minivan, the answer is an absolute yes. The GoPlus Rooftop cargo box looks like it has been custom-built for the Chrysler Pacifica. This roof cargo box fits perfectly on a majority of vehicles from SUVs to vans. It will be a perfect option for your minivan because of its specifications and size.

You get an ergonomic product that features aerodynamic curves and a tapered front nose for increased airflow. This feature helps you to reduce drag and noise while also increasing fuel efficiency.

Due to the sleek and smooth curves of the box, you would be oblivious to this box during most of your trip. Also, the box comes with an amazing collection of security features. This cargo box features a double-lock mechanism that also comes with two keys with numbers. You can make a copy of the keys to avoid losing the original product.

Also, the GoPlus Rooftop cargo box enhances your security by featuring a delicate two-sided opening. This means that you will not have to risk it all with oncoming traffic when trying to reach through the innards of your box. With a double opening from both sides of the box, you can choose to access the box from the safe side of the road. Also, this dual-sided feature means that you can choose where to access the box.

Additionally, the GoPlus Rooftop cargo boxes come with various other selling points such as its Super Latch Security and its easy installation.


  • This is a good-looking cargo box.
  • This is a durable and lightweight cargo box.
  • It is a versatile cargo box.
  • Its aerodynamic design help reduces wind resistance.


  • Limited colour and style options.

3. Sport Rack Horizon Alpine

Sport Rack Horizon Alpine

The Sport Rack Horizon Alpine may not be a very popular brand of the cargo box. However, this is certainly a good option for your Chrysler Pacifica. The manufacturers of this roof cargo box stand out when it comes to dependable products with great durability and quality.

Made from ABS material, the roof cargo box features rugged construction that guarantees durability and serviceability. This rugged external material helps to enhance the box’s resistance to ultraviolet rays.

The Sport Rack Horizon Alpine spots a single side opening on the passenger side. This is a drawback of such a quality product. It does affect its competitiveness in the market in a crowded business where most cargo boxes spot dual-side openings. Nevertheless, the one-sided opening is meant to keep the user safe when accessing items from the box because it is located on the passenger side.

This cargo box spots the quick-release attachment kit, which helps to fasten and simplify the installation process. This kit is useful for all types of users even for those who are not used to DIY installations.

This roof cargo box spots a great design which makes it good at minimizing fuel consumption. Also, the aerodynamic design features a lot of sleek curves and ergonomics that help enhance the smooth and sleek look of the box. Also, the aerodynamic design helps reduce drag and enhances great savings.

This roof cargo box is great for enjoying many outdoor activities, especially skiing. It is recommended that people who love to ski should go for the Sport Rack Horizon Alpine. With the roof cargo box, you can easily fit about 2 to 3 snowboards. Or you can easily haul about 3 to 6 pairs of skis.

The Sport Rack Horizon Alpine is known to produce minimal wind noises. Many users usually worry about cargo roof boxes, however, this option reduces that. Numerous tests and assessments have been able to prove beyond doubt that this product minimizes wind noises.

In the final analysis, the Sport Rack Horizon Alpine comes with a limited lifetime warranty. This means that if you have accidentally purchased a faulty product, your money will not go to waste.


  • Made from ABS plastic material for extreme durability and UV resistance.
  • Features the quick-release attachment kit that makes installation easy and quick.
  • Improved aerodynamics for boosting fuel consumption.
  • Comes with a limited lifetime warranty.
  • Reduces wind noise to the barest minimum.


  • Not a popular roof cargo brand.
  • Has just a single side opening.

4. JEGS 90098 Rooftop Cargo Carrier

JEGS 90098 Rooftop Cargo Carrier

The JEGS 90098 Rooftop Cargo Carrier is a quality and durable roof cargo carrier that comes from a relatively known brand. This classic roof box with a minimalist design is another great option for your Chrysler Pacifica. You get another classic roof cargo carrier to help you free up more space in the cabin of your vehicle.

The rooftop cargo carrier comes of great quality and can be used very easily. It is also a durable product that guarantees long-term serviceability.

This roof box has been made from high-density polyethene to help this roof box offer great performance.

The JEGS 90098 Rooftop Cargo Carrier has been made with UV inhibitors that are meant to protect the roof cargo box from cracking and fading. This special feature helps protect the cargo box for all seasons.

While this box seems to be somewhat bulky, it has been made from lightweight material to enhance its general use. You have a roof cargo box that comes with enhanced aerodynamics which means that fuel efficiency is enhanced. It also helps reduce drag and wind noise for a better driving experience.

If you are worried about what the weather will do to your cargo box, this option spots a feature to counter this disadvantage. This box comes fully fitted with bale latches of top quality that are meant to protect the box from extreme weather.

The cargo box has been made from a lightweight material, this is why it can be easily mounted and unmounted. With this feature, mounting the roof cargo box can be a matter of minutes. The same can be said for the unmounting process.

The JEGS 90098 Rooftop Cargo Carrier has been designed to be a compact and small product to fit onto any car. This means that you should never worry about fitting this bag onto your Chrysler Pacifica.

One great feature of the JEGS 90098 Rooftop Cargo Carrier is that it features a wide range of functions that will certainly meet the requirements of anybody that loves going for any adventure.

In comparison to many other similar options in the market, the JEGS 90098 Rooftop Cargo Carrier is a budget option for your Chrysler Pacifica. It may not look like much, but it gets the job done.

Also, the thing about this option is that a lot of people usually think that the roof storage box has poor aesthetics. But this does not take away from the capabilities of this rooftop storage bag. It is an essential option for users looking for practical rooftop storage bags that are within their budgets.


  • This classic roof box comes with UV inhibitors which prevent cracking and fading.
  • This is a small and compact roof cargo box for the Chrysler Pacifica.
  • Great aerodynamics for enhanced fuel economy and wind noise reduction.
  • Features weather-resistant bale latches to protect the cargo box.
  • This is an affordable roof storage box for your Chrysler Pacifica.


  • Not a popular name.
  • Its small form factor limits its carrying capacity.
  • It may not be huge on aesthetics.

5. The Thule Motion XT Rooftop Cargo carrier

Thule Motion XT Rooftop Cargo Carrier

The Thule Motion XT Rooftop Cargo carrier is a very ideal roof storage cargo box for your Chrysler Pacifica. As with all Thule rooftop cargo storage boxes, the Thule Motion XT features great ergonomics that are influenced by its aerodynamic designs. This shape and design make it the ideal option for all types of vehicles, especially the Chrysler Pacifica.

This is a roof box that is offered in four-size variants. While the Thule Motion XT Rooftop Cargo carrier tends to look bulky and heavy, it isn’t. The box looks lighter than it appears because it has been produced from lightweight materials.

A great thing about this cargo box is that it features dual hinges. With the dual hinges, you can easily open up this roof cargo box from the passenger’s side or the driver’s side. Also, the roof cargo box comes with slide locks and large handles to enhance its user-friendliness.


  • This product comes from a very reputable company.
  • Comes with a great aerodynamic design.
  • Comes in four different size variants.
  • Features a sleek and smooth design.


  • Only available in limited colours.

FAQs on Chrysler Pacifica Roof cargo storage

1. Are there roof racks for the Chrysler Pacifica?

The new 2021 Chrysler Pacifica comes with a well-engineered roof rack system that is cleverly referred to as the “Stow N Place.” This new feature makes it possible for you to install the cross bars onto the SUV itself instead of dismounting and storing it somewhere within your garage.

2. How do I Install a roof rack onto my Chrysler Pacifica?

If you have a Chrysler Pacific, you can easily install the roof cargo carrier onto the rooftop of the car. While doing so, be sure to leave a space of about 8 inches in the front of the vehicle. This means that the front face of the roof cargo carrier should be at a minimum of 8 inches behind the front face of the vehicle roof. This will help minimize the wind noise and improve the gas mileage of your Chrysler Pacifica.

3. Can I install a roof rack onto my Chrysler Pacifica?

Some models of the Chrysler Pacifica come with factory-fitted roof racks. However, some others fail to come with tie-down roof racks. Not to worry. Why do many SUVs and cars seem to have a basic roof rack system, not all vehicles have roof racks? Fortunately, you can easily install a roof rack onto your Chrysler Pacifica by buying a suitable option in the market. With a roof rack, you can turn your car into a versatile trip-taking machine for family and adventurous trips.

4. Will a roof rack damage my Chrysler Pacifica?

No. A roof rack will never damage your Chrysler Pacifica. If you buy the right car roof rack for your vehicle, it will never damage it. However, incorrect installation, carelessness, and improper use of the roof rack will certainly damage your Chrysler Pacifica. This is why it is important to adhere to all included instructions during the installation of the roof racks.

5. How will a roof rack affect my Chrysler Pacifica?

With a roof rack on top of your Chrysler Pacifica, the wind resistance of the car will certainly be increased. This means that your fuel consumption will be increased. This means that whenever you are not using the roof rack, it should be removed. However, during use, a roof rack with great aerodynamics will help minimize wind resistance. Nevertheless, all roof racks, when not in use, should be removed from your vehicle.