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Best Rooftop Basket 2023

If you are looking to get your adventure on with some fun activities, then you will need a great cargo basket. This is a very convenient accessory for your car that can be used to spice up any adventure or exploration.

Rooftop baskets are great because of their ability to help you properly stash your camping beach gear. They can also help you properly hold your cargo bags. With a great cargo basket, all off-road lovers will be blown away at the simple process of safely tucking all their items into the rooftop basket.

Apart from rooftop baskets, you also have hitch-mount baskets. However, the rooftop options seem to be more popular and effective among off-road pleasure seekers.

However, it is important to note that your rooftop cargo baskets will only work once you have your roof racks mounted on your vehicle. 

You can get a stock roof rack system from the vehicle manufacturer. Alternatively, if your vehicle’s rooftop is empty, you can choose to buy a multipurpose and versatile roof rack system.

The great feature of rooftop cargo baskets is that they can be extended easily by using additional kits. With the right accessories, you are sure of securing all gear onto the basket by using a stretchy cargo net.

The Best Rooftop Baskets to buy in the market

Thule 859XT Canyon Cargo Basket

Thule 859XT Canyon Cargo Basket - Best Rooftop Basket 2022

The Thule 859XT Canyon Cargo Basket help add extra cargo storage space to your vehicle. It also makes it a lot easier for you to access your gear. The cargo basket was completed with a tubular and robust steel design. A great feature of the cargo basket is its ability to haul gear that comes in all sizes and shapes.

Thule is a popular brand when it comes to rooftop baskets. The brand provides you with all you need for that next perfect road trip. This is why Thule cargo baskets are highly recommended. When you purchase them, you get durable cargo baskets that are user-friendly and highly advanced.

The Thule 859XT Canyon Cargo Basket comes with a wedged-shaped design that has a low profile. The basket combines function and style to provide you with a great user experience. You get a quality cargo basket that features tapered side walls that makes it a lot easier for you to unload and load your gear.

The cargo basket comes with a wind fairing. This feature improves the aerodynamic function of the basket as it improves the flow of air over the cargo. This helps minimize difficult driving experiences due to air resistance.

Also, if you love to extend your basket, the Thule 859XT Canyon Cargo Basket is highly compatible with a basket extension. It goes to extend your cargo area by another 20 inches.

The Thule 859XT is a very versatile cargo basket that works in almost any vehicle. It comes with multipurpose mounting hardware. You also get the T-track mounting feature that greatly works with the Thule Exporter bars and the Thule AeroBlade.

If you buy this rooftop cargo basket, you will love its versatility with the Thule brand of racks. The Thule 859XT Canyon Cargo Basket can be mounted to any rack system from Thule, round bars, and any factory-fitted racks.

The cargo basket can be easily secured to the roof with the use of the One Key Locks (a great feature) from Thule. 

In terms of size, the Thule 859XT Canyon Cargo Basket comes in a size that is greatly compatible with your vehicle.


  • This is a highly-rated rooftop basket.
  • Features a locking option.
  • Comes in black.
  • It comes with great compatibility as it works with square bars, round bars, factory racks, and the Aerobar.


  • Limited color availability
  • One Key lock is sold separately

Yakima MegaWarrior Cargo Basket

Yakima MegaWarrior Cargo Basket

The Yakima MegaWarrior Cargo Basket features a quality product that comes from a renowned name in the industry. A great feature of this rooftop basket is its versatility. It can easily connect to Yakima round bars, Thule square bars, and many different factory racks. This cargo basket from Yakima is a beast as it is made to be big enough to complement your SUV. It comes with a great carrying capacity.

The MegaWarrior is a large cargo basket that can be used to haul massive cargo. This rooftop basket from Yakima works perfectly if you have large cargo to haul or you have a large vehicle. It has been produced for off-road users that like to travel with heavy gear. This means that the Mega Warrior will not work for users with small vehicles. 

The rooftop basket features a custom wind fairing that is included to reduce the extra noise and limit drag. This helps improve your fuel economy and enhances the general driving experience.

The MegaWarrior comes with highly versatile rear and front cross bars which have been engineered to be compatible with a majority of accessories from Yakima. The rooftop basket also comes with a movable accessory bar. 

Featuring a beefy construction, the MegaWarrior have been engineered to provide great performance from day one.

Featuring a wide body, this means that you can easily transport any gear that you need to haul. 

You will love the installation and mounting prices of the MegaWarrior. This is one of the easiest rooftop baskets to install despite its large size and capabilities. You can easily and quickly install the basket. Thanks to the universal mounting system of the rooftop basket, it can be fitted onto car rack systems that come with square, round, and a majority of factory crossbars. 

Also, it has been optimized to work with any crossbar as it can fit onto any vehicle with any type of rooftop crossbar. It features an optional Locking Bracket system which can be used to safely secure the basket to the roof rack system of your vehicle.

While the MegaWarrior is a big enough roof basket for off-road users, it can still be extended by another 22 inches. This means that the cargo-carrying capacity of the carrier is increased by 40% for additional gear. 


  • Easy and quick installation.
  • Requires minimal assembly.
  • Works perfectly with most gear mounts for outdoor activities.
  • This is a heavy-duty and weather-resistant rooftop basket.
  • Can be extended by 40% to provide another 22 inches of storage space.
  • It is compatible with a wide range of cross bars.
  • Works great for large SUVs, off-roaders, and trucks.
  • Installation time is 30 minutes.


  • Needs some type of pre-installation assembly.
  • Comes only in one color.
  • Not ideal for smaller vehicles.
  • Cannot be folded.

Yakima LoadWarrior cargo basket

Yakima LoadWarrior cargo basket

Just like the MegaWarrior from Yakima, this LoadWarrior is another juggernaut in the industry. The rooftop cargo basket comes with a greater carrying capacity. The basket racks are versatile enough to connect to the Yakima round bars, the Thule square bars, and other factory racks.

The Yakima LoadWarrior cargo basket is excellent for all types of gear. The rooftop basket comes with a great design and allows the flow of air during movement. 

Made from alloy steel, you get a rooftop basket that is lightweight but strong enough to last for a long time. Yakima has engineered this rooftop basket for unrivalled performance. The cargo carrier helps you haul a great amount of your gear while guaranteeing the safety and security of each item. 

One great advantage of the LoadWarrior is its versatility. This means that no matter what type of gear your family and friend bring, the LoadWarrior is sure to handle them properly. You can easily haul all types of items such as bikes, luggage, boats, boats, skis, furniture, double basses, and so on. 

The LoadWarrior features the universal mounting system which guarantees its versatility of working with all cross bars. This feature also helps make mounting and installation very easy and quick. Apart from its quick installation, the basket comes with minimal assembly.

The Yakima LoadWarrior cargo basket comes with a well-engineered material that resists all elements of the weather. The heavy-duty material also ensures that the roof cargo carrier is strong enough to hold all types of materials. 

The LoadWarrior comes with an optional load extension feature which adds 18 inches to the basket and expands the cargo carrying capacity by 40%. 


  • Great for all types of gear like bikes, bags, boxes, and so on.
  • The rooftop basket is versatile enough to work with any crossbar.
  • Easy and quick installation.
  • Features a sturdy design constructed with alloy steel.
  • Provides additional space for all tall and wide gear.
  • A low profile helps improve the aerodynamics of any vehicle.


  • Only available in one color.
  • It is not foldable.

Yakima Off-grid cargo basket

Yakima Off-grid cargo basket

When it comes to cargo baskets that blend aesthetics with great function, then the Yakima Off-grid cargo basket is a great choice. This rooftop basket comes with a strong and rugged build. If you are into good looks, you will fall in love with this stylish and elegant rooftop basket.

The cargo basket has been engineered to perform backcountry adventures while also handling heavy loads. With the Yakima Off-grid cargo basket, you can easily haul your gear from one point to another without any problem. You also get adjustable bars that make it possible to add gear mounts from Yakima. This feature also makes it possible to pin in very bulky items.

Also, you get an integrated fairing with this rooftop basket. This makes it easy to improve the aerodynamics of the basket. Consequently, you get to reduce drag and wind noise to ensure a great driving experience.

On the other hand, if aerodynamics isn’t a priority, and you have lots of items to haul, then you can remove the fairing. This is why it has been designed to be removable. Along with the accessory bars, you can remove both features to haul longer items on your rooftop.

The Yakima Off-grid cargo basket features a burly rooftop basket that features a modern and clean design. You do not need an installer to install this product as it comes with tool-free hardware for mounting and installation. This means that you can easily install the basket onto your car right off the box. The rooftop cargo basket has been made from durable and strong steel that can withstand many years of extreme use.

As a prominent product, the rooftop basket comes with a universal mounting system. With this hardware, the rooftop basket is compatible with RoundBar, CoreBar, JetStream, and a majority of other factory crossbars. You can use the SKS lock (Same Key System lock) that can be used to guarantee extra security protection. You can also extend this rooftop basket by an additional 40%.

The rooftop basket from Yakima can be purchased in two different sizes – the Large and the Medium. The product comes with a generous dimension to ensure that it is compatible with any vehicle rooftop.

This rooftop basket from Yakima combines its aesthetics and burly build to provide value. It comes with great aerodynamic quality and has been engineered for off-road use. The basket can easily help you haul anything like your camping gear, firewood, duffels, coolers, and so on. With this basket, you get a quick-release mounting system that makes installation a breeze. 


  • Produced by a reliable brand.
  • Comes with added accessory bars to help transport boats, boards, and bikes.
  • It is very good-looking.
  • Features a quick-release function for easy installation.
  • Compatible with a wide range of cross bars.
  • Comes with a great safety locking mechanism.


  • Only available in a few colors.
  • Available only in medium and large options.

Curt Universal Steel Roof Rack Cargo basket

Curt Universal Steel Roof Rack Cargo basket

Introducing the Curt Universal Steel Roof Rack Cargo basket which is one of the best budget cargo baskets on the market. This is a rooftop basket that is being offered by a great brand with guaranteed quality. With this option, you can easily free up a lot of space inside your vehicle for more passengers for a great outdoor experience. 

The Curt Universal Steel Roof Rack Cargo basket provides you with almost 11 square feet of storage space. This can be used to haul all types of gear like bags, boxes, bikes, skis, and so on. Featuring a smooth and sleek black exterior, this surface has been finished with a combination of Dual E-coat and carbide black powder coat. This helps guarantees its resistance to abrasion and all other elements of the weather.

This rooftop basket measures a decent 42 inches by 37 inches while adding an extra storage capacity of 11 square feet to your vehicle. Also, the basket can be extended easily to accommodate more items and gear.

Featuring a low profile that is as high as 4 inches, this design makes sure that your gear is secured during long trips. The 4 inches tall sides are provided to make your items more secure. Also, this roof cargo basket comes with a universal mounting system that makes it possible for it to be compatible with a majority of roof rack cross bars. 

This roof cargo basket comes with a great aerodynamic design that helps improve the aerodynamics of the vehicle and protects the cargo from getting damaged by the wind.


  • This is an affordable rooftop cargo basket with the same professional quality.
  • Comes with an enhanced aerodynamic design.
  • Features universal mounting brackets.
  • The roof basket can be extended easily.
  • This is a good-looking roof cargo basket.
  • Comes with a low profile for improved aerodynamics. 
  • Good for all types of gear like bags, boxes, coolers, clothes, balls, sports equipment, and so on.
  • Available in two variants of 42 inches by 37 inches and 63 inches and 37 inches.
  • Features waterproof construction.
  • Comes with in-built tie-down straps.
  • The basket comes with a convenient storage bag.


  • Available in only one color.

INNO rooftop cargo baskets

INNO rooftop cargo baskets

This is a suitable rooftop cargo basket that comes from a very popular brand in the industry. Featuring a sleek design and a robust build, this roof cargo basket gets the job done for all your adventures.

This INNO roof cargo basket has been engineered to work with almost any type of crossbar. It works great with options such as the aero, round, square, and most factory-fitted crossbars. 

It features an internal C-channel that comes with several features for possible attachment with different accessories. 

This rooftop cargo basket features the best safety and security systems, as it comes with keys and locks. This means that it helps you secure your gear to the roof basket. This helps prevent spillages and thefts. 

One great feature of the INNO roof cargo basket is the sturdy and large aluminium frame. This means that each rib of the basket has been engineered to provide enough strength for great durability and serviceability. 

The roof basket has been produced in a black universal color, which can easily fit all types of car designs. It is made from aluminium for long-term service life. 


  • This is a sleek and smooth roof cargo basket.
  • Compatible with all types of cross bars.
  • Features a large diameter frame that is made from aluminium.
  • Comes with locks and keys to prevent load spills and theft.


  • Only available in black.

FAQs on Rooftop Baskets

1. What is a rooftop basket used for?

A rooftop basket is a cargo carrier that is used to support and transport cargo on your vehicle. Rooftop baskets are necessary when you do not have enough space inside your vehicle to hold your gear. With a rooftop basket, you can easily store many Items, especially those with odd shapes. The rooftop basket is an open storage platform. Unlike regular car roof racks, the rooftop cargo basket allows you to pile as much load as you want. But, you will have to properly fasten all your items while also thinking about enhancing the aerodynamics of the car roof.

2. Do rooftop baskets need crossbars for mounting?

All rooftop cargo baskets need a set of cross bars for proper mounting. When buying a rooftop basket, it is important to check if the crossbar on your vehicle is compatible with it. Also, you may decide to purchase a new set of cross bars to work with the rooftop basket.

3. How do you mount your rooftop basket?

The rooftop basket should be mounted on a set of cross bars that are properly installed on your vehicle. The cargo basket is then placed on the cross bars on the rooftop of the vehicle. During mounting, be sure to leave out a total space of 8 inches. This means that the front face of the rooftop basket should be a minimum of 8 inches behind the front edge of your car roof. This helps reduce wind noise while also improving the gas mileage of your vehicle. 

4. Can a roof basket support a roof box?

You can mount your rooftop cargo box onto a cargo basket that is supported by a roof rack. However, if you have to do this successfully, you have to remember a few things. The things to keep in mind are:
Ensure that the total weight on your roof does not exceed the total roof weight capacity of your vehicle. Going beyond the roof weight capacity of your vehicle may cause some damage to the roof.
Also, ensure that the hardware that comes with the plastic roof box will require that the rear and front tubing of your roof basket should be within their range of installation. For instance, for the Yakima box, the mounting range is usually a space of between 24 and 42 inches.
Lastly, it is important to consider the final height of the vehicle when you install your roof box onto your roof basket. This is important for clearance in your home garage and many outdoor areas with low-hanging obstacles like trees, power lines, and road truck barriers. Also, the total height of your rooftop cargo will affect the flow of air, which will consequently lead to drag, noise, and poor fuel economy.

5. What is the weight limit for a roof rack?

Most passenger cars usually have a roof weight limit of 150 pounds, regardless of the brand of the roof rack that you have installed on your vehicle.