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Best GMC Yukon Rooftop Cargo Carrier 2023

The GMC Yukon is a large SUV that comes with enough storage space to move any type of gear. This is a vehicle that seems to come with everything. You get a very efficient engine, a 10-speed automatic transmission system, a traction select system, and a very great cargo volume. 

With the GMC Yukon, you have a maximum cargo volume of about 144. 7 cubic feet. However, a good GMC Yukon rooftop cargo carrier can help you increase the cargo storage capacity of your vehicle. 

The SUV has been built with all the necessary features that you need to have a lot of fun on the road and off the road. The GMC Yukon is built with nice cabin features and comes with great interior space. However, the SUV is not built to carry everything. 

If you are an adventurer like me, you will know that not all gear can be handled by all vehicles. Even with so much space and headroom, the GMC Yukon is still not tough enough to handle some of our outdoor sports equipment and gear. This is where the need for a rooftop cargo carrier comes in.

If you like to go for adventures and camping, your GMC Yukon can be such a great help! However, in some cases, you may want to expand the cargo volume of your beloved SUV. This is where you have to consider which roof rack system works for your vehicle. 

If you can expand the volume capacity of your SUV, you will be able to carry various sports equipment and tools. The roof rack system makes it possible for you to carry more items. You can easily transport your luggage, sporting equipment, bikes, and other large gear that may have an awkward shape. 

With a great roof rack, you are finally able to securely fit the cargo onto the roof of the GMC Yukon. Also, it is possible to attach peculiar sports instruments such as boats, kayaks, bicycles, skis, and many sports equipment to the vehicle roof. What are some of the benefits of using a roof cargo carrier with your GMC Yukon? 

There are some advantages of using a roof rack on your SUV. These are:

A roof rack makes it easy for you to haul sports equipment or gear that has awkward shapes and designs. This means that you can now transport stand-up paddle boards, kayaks, surfboards, bikes, and other sporting items and gear.

It helps you to save a lot of money for renting roof racks or hitch-mounted trailers while going camping or traveling. With a rooftop cargo carrier, you can easily add more items like supplies or souvenirs to an SUV vehicle that may be packed full. 

Roof racks help prevent accidents that are likely to happen whenever cargo blocks the visibility of the driver or is not properly secured to the rooftop.

Different Roof Rack Options For Your GMC Yukon Rooftop Cargo Carrier

There are several models of the GMC Yukon. Depending on what model you have, you can choose from various available SUV roof racks in the market. There are various types of roof rack systems that are available for the GMC Yukon SUV vehicle. They are:

The clip racks

The clip racks are special roof racks that are meant to clip directly onto the roof ridges of SUVs that do not come with factory bars or rails pre-installed. 

With Clip racks, you have a rooftop cargo carrier that comes with a universal fitting system. This means that these types of roof racks will easily work on any model of the GMC Yukon.

Door-mounted racks

These are roof racks, except that they are special versions that are attached to the door of the GMC Yukon.

Factory mount roof racks

These are roof racks that are mounted to the factory installation points that you have on your GMC Yukon.

Side rail racks

The Side rail racks are special rooftop cargo carriers that can be attached to the factory-fitted side rails of the GMC Yukon. 

The Top GMC Yukon Rooftop Cargo Carrier – A Buyer’s Guide

Inno Phantom Series 466

Inno Phantom Series 466 - Best GMC Yukon Rooftop Cargo Carrier

The Phantom series by INNO features a range of smart roof boxes that are perfect for your GMC Yukon rooftop cargo carrier. 

The product features an aerodynamic product that comes with shiny gloss-black color. This 466 series from INNO is a cargo box/carrier that is suitable for your winter gear like your snowboards, skis, surfboards, and so on.

This INNO Phantom 466 adds 18 cubic feet of storage capacity to your Yukon SUV. At just 49 pounds, this is one of the lightest options that offer you such a large storage volume.

In terms of cross-bar compatibility, the Phantom series from INNO has been engineered for universal use. This means that it can easily work with most crossbars out there. 

The rooftop cargo has been made from an engineered ABS 3-layer sheet to guarantee robustness and durability. It comes with a strong base construction that is also light enough in comparison to a typical cargo box

The Phantom 466 was produced by a special process known as SPM injection. This means that the rooftop cargo has a body with a uniform thickness spread all over its body. 

In terms of aerodynamics, this roof box has been ergonomically designed to increase the flow of air around it. The sleek aerodynamics of the Phantom 466 make it cut through the air like a hot knife through butter. 

This GMC Yukon rooftop cargo carrier is one of the best options on this list that you can depend on for a better MPG performance. Apart from great fuel economy, your driving experience is enhanced with reduced noise and drag.

Thanks to the innovative Memory Mount systems of the Phantom series, this rooftop cargo can be installed easily and quickly. With this feature, mounting the Phantom 466 to your Yukon SUV is a breeze. With the Memory mount system, this product makes it one of the easiest cargo boxes to latch onto your car.

This INNO Phantom series 466 is a beast when it comes to performance. The rooftop is a very versatile cargo storage box that can be used to enhance your outdoor lifestyle. You can take the cargo box when you have to haul any gear for your outdoor activities. 

Whether you are going fishing, hiking, camping, snowshoeing, snow skiing, cycling, or surfing, the Phantom is there to keep your gear safe and secured. Above all, it installs readily onto your GMC Yukon and easily improves the general appearance of your vehicle.


  •  Available in both black and white.
  • Fairly affordable.
  • Great aerodynamic design for improved MPG ratings.
  • Features a sleek and stylish appearance.
  • Comes with openings on each side for loading and unloading items.
  • Comes with a lifetime warranty.
  • Can be used for hauling all types of sports gear.


  • Comes with features that you can find in lower-priced models.

G3 Spark Eco Roof Cargo Box

G3 Spark Eco Roof Cargo Box

The Spark Eco roof cargo box is a top Italian-made rooftop cargo carrier that is ideal for your GMC Yukon. Produced by G3, a popular Italian rooftop cargo maker, this box gets the job done. This is a travel box that offers waterproof storage for your gear and items.

The G3 Spark Eco roof cargo box offers additional storage space to complement what you have in the GMC Yukon. This additional storage space means that you can now transport many of your sports gear without any hindrance. 

This premium GMC Yukon rooftop cargo carrier has been designed in black and features a glossy finish. The box is made from the regular ABS plastic material to guarantee durability and serviceability.

At 31 pounds, the box is sufficiently light not to exceed the load limit of the roof of the GMC Yukon. It is shaped properly to accommodate all types of items such as bags, boots, mats, pots, books, and so on. 

Due to the design and plan of the roof box, it is easy to assemble and mount. It comes with a basic manual that makes installation and assembly very easy. The rooftop cargo carrier features a robust lever that supports the lid whenever the box is being loaded and unloaded. 


  • Offers a large storage space.
  • Features a robust lever for supporting the lid.
  • This is a quality and durable roof box.
  • Made by a popular sports equipment brand. 
  • Features installation accessories for easy and quick mounting. 


  • Looks bulky.
  • Has a poor aerodynamic shape.

Thule Vector Roof Cargo Box

Thule Vector Roof Cargo Box

The Thule Vector roof cargo box is another great GMC Yukon rooftop cargo carrier that gets the job done. This is one great roof box that features great aesthetics and style. The roof box will complement the design of your GMC Yukon. This gentle beast offers an additional 13 cubic feet of additional storage.

The Thule Vector comes in various size variants. The Thule Vector Alpine measures 35 by 12.5 by 9 inches. It comes with a slim profile that is meant to boost the flow of air around it. 

The aesthetics of this roof box can also be experienced in its interiors. This is one of the few roof boxes with a white interior and an integrated LED light. These features may justify its high price tag. The Thule Vector also features a universal mounting system which means that it will work easily with any crossbar mechanism. The roof box has been manufactured to rest properly on the roof of the GMC Yukon. 

The Thule Vector features a great ergonomic curve which means that its aerodynamic property will boost the flow of air during movement. 

Also, if you are looking to access or load the roof box, it comes with a dual opening function. This is made possible by its superior and robust hinge that can support the roof box lid both ways. The reinforced lid makes it possible for this box to open smoothly and almost 


  • This is a premium and durable rooftop cargo carrier
  • Also available in white colours and designs. 
  • A great product for your winter gear. 
  • Features a white interior.
  • Comes with an integrated LED light to provide proper lighting in poorly-lit areas.


  • Quite expensive.

Yakima Skybox Carbonite Roof Cargo Box

Yakima Skybox Carbonite Roof Cargo Box

SkyBox Carbonite roof cargo box is a superior product from Yakima. This vehicle’s hard-shell carrier works perfectly as one of the best options when it comes to your GMC Yukon rooftop cargo carrier. The glossy black box is slightly costly but gets the job done.

Featuring a slim and curvy outline, the roof cargo box comes with improved aerodynamics for better MPG. The improved design and ergonomics help ensure that drag and wind noise are reduced to the barest minimum.

The box can only be opened on one side only – the passenger side. It features a robust internal lever that helps you to support the lid while you load/unload the box. The roof box is rugged enough to act as storage for all types of gear and items. Featuring a strong lid support/lever, you are safe and protected from having the lid/cover fall accidentally on you as you try to unload/load this box. 

The Yakima SkyBox Carbonite has been engineered to fit onto your GMC Yukon and not obstruct the view of the driver. Also, it does not project out from the rear to block you from accessing your trunk. It sits right in the middle of the vehicle roof. 

With various sizes available in the market, the SkyBox Carbonite offers enough space to help people haul their gear. For instance, the SkyBox 16 provides you with 16 cubic feet of additional storage space to haul the gear for about 3 people with their skis and snowboards. 

Produced with about 80% recycled material, the roof cargo box is a product of environmentally friendly practices. The external material makes the box strong while also providing extra-lightweight to ensure that you do not exceed any weight limits. 

With the Yakima SkyBox Carbonite, expect a roof cargo carrier that opens up on both sides. Also, the box SkyBox features a patented opening system from Yakima. With the SuperLatch, your box can easily close tightly. 

This is a secure closure system that helps indicate to the user that the roof box is sealed shut and is ready to hit the road. In addition to its safe closure system, the Skybox also features the SKS Lock mechanism. This integrated locking system is meant to protect the items of about 5 people.


  • Comes in various size options, such as the 12, 16, 18, and 21 cubic feet variants.
  • This is a reliable rooftop cargo carrier from a reputable brand.
  • Great for all types of items, including your winter gear.
  • Features a great aerodynamic design for a great MPG, less noise, and reduced drag.
  • Features the SuperLatch and SKS mechanisms for enhanced user experience. 
  • Universal compatibility with most racks


  • Slightly expensive for its features.

Rhino-Rack Masterfit Cargo Box

Rhino-Rack Masterfit Cargo Box

The Rhino-Rack MasterFit cargo box is another ideal option to be used as a GMC Yukon rooftop cargo carrier. The gloss black storage box features a sleek and aerodynamic design that enhances its general aesthetics. 

If you are into style and performance, then MasterFit from Rhino Rack is for you. Featuring several curved and tapered lines, the cargo box works to give you a better MPG. 

This product is made from the AMA and the ABS material that ensures a robust performance. The rooftop exterior is robust enough to resist abrasion. It is also water resistant and resists all elements of the weather. 

The MasterFit from Rhino Rack can help you haul about 833 pounds of gear. This is a value that no other option in the market can offer. With this cargo box, you can haul off more gear as your dogs and family occupy the cabin of the vehicle. 

It opens towards one side – the passenger side, while also featuring a strong supporting arm/lever to support the lid during use. The internal storage area features ribs and grooves that are meant to properly hold your gear. 

In terms of installation, the box can be easily and quickly mounted onto your GMC Yukon. It features a very straightforward installation process. You also get an instructional manual with this box. With basic tools, you can easily install this box onto your SUV.

This is a versatile roof box that can be used to haul off just about anything. You can carry your camping equipment, skis/snowboards, tents, waterboards, beach chairs, golf club sets, yoga mats, and bags. Other items that can be carried by the MasterFit are beach tents, tackle boxes, skateboards, camping furniture, life jackets, electric scooter, dog items, and more. 


  • Great aerodynamics for an improved MPG.
  • Can be installed easily and quickly.
  • Can be used to carry just about anything.
  • Comes at a great price.
  • Can be opened on both sides.
  • Made from a tough material


  • Available only in limited colors and styles. 

Faqs For GMC Yukon Rooftop Cargo Carrier

1. Are rooftop carriers safe to be used on your GMC Yukon?

It is safe to use a rooftop cargo carrier on your GMC Yukon. However, to make it safe, the cargo bag or box should not be overloaded. Also, ensure that you pack them with soft-sided luggage and make sure that it is strapped snugly to your SUV. If your cargo bag is secured loosely on your vehicle, it may slide dangerously off the roof of the vehicle.

2. At what speed should I drive with a rooftop carrier on my GMC Yukon?

If you have mounted a rooftop cargo carrier on your GMC Yukon, it is recommended to minimize your speed. The GMC Yukon has been engineered for great speed. Therefore, with a cargo bag latched on your roof, it is safe to maintain a speed limit that is about 130 kilometres per hour (Km/h) or 85 miles per hour (mph). 
This speed limit is highly recommended as anything more may cause the cargo carrier to slide off the vehicle roof and cause an accident or, worse, fall into a deep gorge where you will never see them anymore. If you maintain your speed limit according to the recommended range, you will prevent the cargo bag/box from sliding off your SUV roof.

3. How do you drive the GMC Yukon with a roof box on it?

It is recommended that you install your rooftop cargo carrier onto your GMC Yukon to make driving feasible. The roof box should be positioned onto the roof bars in such a way that you evenly distribute the weight between both bars. Also, ensure that the sides of your roof box align with the sides of your SUV. Also, make sure that the base of your roof box is parallel to the road at all times. 

4. Does a rooftop cargo carrier affect the MPG (miles per gallon) of my GMC Yukon?

The worse culprits when it comes to fuel costs with rooftop cargo carriers are roof boxes. Sometimes, if not mounted properly, the increase in fuel cost can be as high as 50%. Also, many drivers are known to spend between 10 and 25% more money on fuel costs due to the roof boxes on their cars. 
There is an increase in fuel consumption because the aerodynamics of the GMC Yukon is affected by a rooftop cargo carrier. With an increased frontal area, airflow is impeded, and this wants to make the car to stop. Instead, you try to fire up the car some more to make it move faster. This causes your fuel levels to decrease. 

5. Will roof bars damage my GMC Yukon?

Roof bars are meant to be safe and not cause any damage to your SUV. But, if you are careless with the roof bars, or if they are wrongly fitted, then they can cause some damage to your GMC Yukon. If you exceed the weight capacity of the roof of your car, the extra load may damage it. There are also various areas of your roof that can be damaged by poor loading decisions.