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Best Dodge Challenger Roof Rack

The Dodge Challenger is a great vehicle. This is a muscular vehicle that comes with great speed. The Dodge Challenger seems to have everything but great storage space. This two-door muscle coupe is a speed beast. However, it isn’t made to be hauling large loads across the country or through off-road terrains. With the Dodge Challenger roof rack, you can increase the capacity of your vehicle. 

It has a limited trunk capacity, and as a two-door coupe, its cabin is a no-go area for storing gear with awkward shapes.

As an owner of the Dodge Challenger, you have many reasons to get a roof rack for your vehicle. With so much gear to transport from time to time, it is important to consider getting a great roof rack system for your vehicle.

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What Is A Roof Rack?

A luggage rack or a roof rack allows you to properly secure the cargo on your car when travelling. This trick works for your SUV, truck, or car. This helps increase the number of items that you can carry with your Dodge Challenger.

This additional luggage rack helps free up space inside the car. When it comes to roof racks for cars, several models are suitable for the Dodge Challenger. There are both universal and custom fit racks that are available for every model and make of vehicle that is available in the market.

In the market, there are hundreds of roof racks that can be used on the Dodge Challenger. These options are sure to fit perfectly on the vehicle. Additionally, you can also get crossbars for your Challenger. These crossbars offer low-profile designs and provide enough stability.

You can easily install these roof racks because they are produced along with instructions. In the market, you can easily get roof racks that can be clamped easily onto your vehicle. They can also be removed from the vehicle to be stored properly if you do not need any racks on the vehicle.

One great benefit of roof racks is that their capacities can be increased. With cargo nets, cargo baskets, and rack carriers, the cargo capacity of your Dodge Challenger can be increased easily. These are add-ons to the roof racks that can be used to create more space for all the gear that you want to carry.

With the roof rack, it is easy to haul sports equipment, holiday luggage, camping items, winter gear, and other items. This is done with the use of a basket or a carrier which is attached to the roof of the vehicle.

To enhance the protection of your items, you may also decide to use rooftop bags or cargo bags to store your items.

Roof Racks For Your Dodge Challenger

The Best Roof Racks For Your Dodge Challenger

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1. Yakima Jetstream Bar Aerodynamic Crossbars

When it comes to equipping your Dodge Challenger with a roof rack, this choice easily stands out. The Jetstream from Yakima is among the most recommended Dodge Challenger roof rack systems for owners of the coupe.

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These crossbars feature an aerodynamic roof rack system that handles easily during motion. The roof rack system has been made from a rigid material while also having a very thick structure. The Yakima Jetstream is made of Aluminum and has a thick cross-section made up of several tubular structures. This means that it has enough reinforcement to handle all types of loads. The Oregon-based Yakima has designed the JetStream to come as a sleek and lightweight pair of bars.

The JetStream features a pair of Aerodynamic crossbars that enhance the flow of air. The resulting product is a strong roof rack system with quiet performance. 

The JetStream has been well-engineered by Yakima to promote easy installation. It is supplied by a T-slot rubber infill that supports easy mounting and also ensures the smooth flow of air. It also features several end caps made of high-gloss polymer to enhance its appearance.

The Yakima JetStream aerodynamic crossbars are very compatible with many products from Yakima. It works with roof rack systems from other brands as well.


  • • It is made from aluminium.
  • • It has lightweight.
  • • It has a sleek and smooth finish.
  • • Good aerodynamic features.


  • It’s expensive.

2. Thule Aeroblade Edge Rail Load Bar

The Thule AeroBlade Edge features an aerodynamic raised bar from a company that was founded in 1942. As the oldest roof rack company in the industry, Sweden-based Thule makes a product that enhances your Dodge Challenger. Here, the edge-raised AeroBlade Edge offers one of the best benefits as a Dodge Challenger roof rack. 

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The AeroBlade Edge comes with superior aesthetics and features the brand name in prominent places. The product is supplied in a superior glossy black finish. Its endpoints feature robust clamps that are mounted onto the roof rails of the car. The end clamp of the Thule features a sophisticated mechanism that is used to secure the end clamp onto the roof rails of the vehicle. 

Made from aluminium, the AeroBlade Edge is one of the most innovative and popular roof racks on the market. Offering premium quality, the roof rack system is a product of years of continuous innovation from the Swedish roof rack company. The crossbar features a streamlined profile with a slight curve to establish the perfect mounting points onto the existing car rails. 

This roof rack system is a pioneering product. It is one of the first full rack systems to spot an aerodynamic and low-profile design that offers the strongest capacity to support the load. This feat has not been achieved by any aftermarket rack system except the Thule AeroBlade Edge. 

The problem with the Thule AeroBlade Edge is the fact that if you want it for your Dodge Challenger, you will need to buy two different bars separately. This is necessary since many cars nowadays have roofs with contours and curves. This means that your load bars will have to come in different lengths. 

The Thule AeroBlade Edge also prominently features an innovative locking system known as the One-Key system. With this key mechanism, you can easily secure the Thule AeroBlade Edge to the roof of your Challenger without any hassles. The product comes in both black and aluminium to enable users to choose which option works best for them.

Another innovative property of the AeroBlade Edge is its innovative technology – the Wind Diffuser system. This premium technology helps to distort the flow of air to help in drag and noise reduction. This helps improve the fuel economy of the Dodge Challenger. Also, to further boost the aerodynamics of the roof rack, it features the Trail Edge design. This is a feature of the roof rack that helps to reduce aerodynamic drag further. It does this by allowing the separation of clean air from the bar. 

Also supplied as one of the elements of the product, the AeroBlade Edge comes with the AcuTight Tensioning installation tool. With this tool, you can detect when the rack has been properly and safely attached to your Dodge Challenger. 


  • This is a premium-quality roof rack.
  • Features a nice aesthetic design and appeal.
  • Features the AcuTight Tensioning installation tool, which helps simplify the installation process of the rack.
  • Comes fully pre-assembled for a quick installation. 


  • It is costly for a roof rack.
  • The Thule AeroBlade Edge is sold individually as separate bars.
  • Not suitable for cars with sunroofs. 

3. Rhino Rack Vortex Aero Crossbar

The Vortex is another essential Dodge Challenger roof rack system that is available for owners of the two-door coupe. Featuring an innovative product from the Australian roof rack maker, the Vortex features a roof rack product of great quality. It comes surprisingly at an entry-level price. The Vortex features some of the core properties of high-end roof rack systems like the AeroBlade Edge(Thule) and the HD Bar (Yakima).

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The Rhino-Rack Vortex is mainly supplied in silver colour. Also, the product is made from glass-filled nylon, which is a relatively strong material. However, it is not a popular material for roof cargo systems. And this is a testament to its efficiency and its ability to get the job done. While the material may be sufficient for normal trips, it may not hold its own in extreme conditions. However, the Vortex is still a decent roof rack system for the Challenger. 

Offering a modest aesthetic design, the Vortex is available in silver or black options. Also, the roof rack system is supplied in 7 pre-cut lengths that are intended for various vehicles. Also, the Vortex feature bars are built with the VGS rubber strip. This is meant to reduce drag and wind noise. The rubber strip also works as a means of added protection for the load and the racks. All Vortex crossbars are usually supplied with end caps at the tips.

The Vortex features an aerodynamic and sleek profile that enhances the aerodynamics of the roof cargo. The aerodynamic profile allows air to flow around the cargo without hindering the vehicle’s performance. Also, the crossbars come in a low-profile shape in the form of an ellipse to further enhance the aerodynamics of the product. 

With the Vortex roof racks from Rhino Rack, you can simply hoist your bicycle on your Challenger and proceed on your trip. One great benefit of the Vortex is that they are meant to extend beyond the space of your roof. As full-length crossbars, they have been made to extend beyond the roof of your vehicle. This helps the roof rack system to maximize the space for accessories and carriers.

The Rhino-Rack Vortex may be an entry-level roof rack, but this product features a superior set of properties that makes it a strong option as a roof rack for the Dodge Challenger. 


  • Great quality crossbar at an affordable price.
  • Available in silver and black.
  • Can be bought in different lengths to fit various vehicles. 
  • Extends beyond the vehicle roof to create more storage space for your gear.
  • Built to be tough.
  • Comes with a locking mechanism.
  • Can be installed quickly and easily.


  • Made from glass-filled nylon, which is a less robust material than aluminium.
  • Features a modest design and aesthetic.

4). INNO AeroBase XS201 Roof Rack

The AeroBase XS201 from INNO is one of the coolest Dodge Challenger roof rack systems to be considered for your Dodge Challenger. This roof rack system comes from an innovative Japanese roof rack maker. It features a high-end roof rack product at an affordable price. 

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The AeroBase XS201 comes with smooth and clean aesthetics, which is relatively less impressive than the AeroBlade Edge and the HD Bar. However, this roof rack system gets the job done. It provides that extra roof storage space on your Dodge Challenger and allows you to store your gear on your roof. 

The removable end cap acts as a cover for the mounting mechanism, which also comes with a key for a safe and secure installation. 

The AeroBase XS201 features a low and thin profile for enhanced aerodynamics. This option offers the most reliable smooth and flush profile. Due to the low profile of the racks, you get reduced noise and drag. This leads to a quieter ride and an improved fuel economy for your Dodge Challenger. 

As one of the highly recommended roof rack systems for the Dodge Challenger, it is safe to say that this option will work satisfactorily on your vehicle. At just about 8.5 pounds, this roof rack system can support a load of about 165 pounds. 


  • Comes at a great price.
  • Installation is made easy by the torque knobs. 
  • Comes with locks and keys.


  • A relatively poor design. 
  • It will not allow you to use your sunroofs. 
  • You will have to purchase hooks separately, which are needed for the complete installation of the roof racks. 
  • It will not work without the right fit kit. 

5). Yakima HD Bar

If you are in the market for a great Dodge Challenger roof rack, then look further than the Yakima HD Bar. The HD Bar is another heavy-duty crossbar from the Oregon-based roof rack manufacturer.

This option features a pair of straight cross bars that spots a unique and sleek look. The Yakima heavy-duty crossbar helps you secure heavy loads to your Dodge Challenger. You can bet on this product because it is lightweight, customizable, and strong.

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What better way to secure your gear onto your Dodge Challenger than the HD Bar from Yakima? It features sturdy end caps with integrated tie-down points. This helps to secure the load safely on your vehicle.

Just like any great product from Oregon-based roof rack makers, this system can be installed easily onto your Dodge Challenger. It comes with a seamless installation process. This smooth installation process is enabled by its pre-assembled T-slots which are present at the top and the bottom of the bars. This makes it a lot easier for you to add the gear mounts easily and quickly.

The Yakima HD Bar is designed and built for durability. This is one of the burliest crossbar products from the company. It comes with a strong finish enhanced with a black powder coat.

In terms of application, the HD Bar is a perfect roof rack system for tents. This means that you can confidently carry your camping gear. 

The HD Bar is a very popular high-end roof rack crossbar system in the market. Many Dodge Challengers owners who understand the value of these premium roof bars opt to purchase the product regardless of its price. 


  • This is a lightweight heavy duty crossbar.
  • Features the T-slots which makes installation easy and quick.
  • It is easily customisable.
  • It is strong and ready for heavy-duty loads.
  • The burliest crossbar ever from Yakima.
  • Features streamlined protection for high performance.
  • Comes with a complete mounting kit. 


  • It is expensive.

6). Thule Wing Bar Evo

The Thule Wingbar Evo is another great roof rack for your Dodge Challenger. This product features an aesthetic and smooth product that mounts easily onto the Dodge Challenger. The roof rack system comes with premium material and a great finish.

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The Wingbar Evo features a premium aerodynamic roof rack from Thule. This product is sure to offer a quiet ride and reduced drag. Thanks to its aerodynamic features, you are sure to get an improved MPG with your Dodge Challenger. 

The Wingbar Evo comes with a complete range of premium quality accessories that help support easy installation. 

The Wingbar Evo, just like the AeroBlade Edge (also from Thule) comes with the innovative WindDiffuser technology. With this technology, the Wingbar Evo easily distributes the flow of air to reduce drag and wind noise. This helps to improve the fuel economy of the car. 

Furthermore, the roof rack system also spots another innovative technology from Thule. Known as the TrailEdge design, the feature is used to reduce aerodynamic drag as it allows clean air to be separated from the bar. 

Thanks to the presence of the SmartSlides feature. This slidable length scale also works like an aerodynamic cover that is located under the crossbar. It helps provide a quick and hassle-less installation process for the Wingbar Evo. 

The roof rack from Thule also features the T-slots which are covered by the SwingBlade end caps. As the end cap is opened, it reveals the T-slots which are used to ease up the installation of the accessories of the crossbars. 


  • Great design and smooth finish. 
  • Made from a lightweight and strong aluminium material. 
  • Featured the TrailEdge and the WindDiffuser technologies for an enhanced driving experience. 
  • Features an easy and quick installation.


  • Faces competition from other middle-range roof racks.
  • It is rather expensive.

Faqs On The Dodge Challenger Roof Rack

  1. Should I get a roof rack for my challenger?

    It is highly recommended that you get a roof rack for your Dodge Challenger. With a roof rack mounted securely on your Challenger, you can easily haul any item that you want. Also, with a roof rack, you can easily transport awkwardly shaped objects and other things that may not fit in the cabin of the Dodge Challenger. A roof rack allows you to transport unusual items to various locations. This could be such things as bikes or boats or other nasty things such as hockey equipment or wet camping gear. Some users are lucky to have their Dodge Challengers with roof rack systems that are factory installed. At the same time, others aren’t so lucky.

  2. Can I easily install a roof rack onto my Dodge Challenger?

    A roof rack makes it easy to transport unusual items in your car with proper care. It is useful during family trips as it can help you transport anything. In the market, it is easy to spot many SUVs and cars that have standard roof racks. However, if your vehicle doesn’t yet have a roof rack, it is easy to mount one yourself.

  3. Do the roof racks on my Dodge Challenger need crossbars?

    You will need several crossbars for the roof rack on your Dodge Challenger. The bars are used to connect and support the weight of the car properly. This is even more important, especially at high speeds. A pair of crossbars will help you to secure your bags on the vehicle properly. Additionally, if you are transporting a very big bag or an unusual storage cargo box, several crossbars (more than two) will be needed to secure the weight properly.

  4. Will roof racks decrease my gas mileage?

    Experts have recommended that owners of the Dodge Challenger take the roof rack and carriers off the roof of the car when not in use. Owners of two-door cars like the Dodge Challenger usually suffer from a huge fuel loss if they install a roof rack on their vehicles. Also, for owners of SUVs, driving around with pods and roof racks still installed onto the car will certainly negatively affect the fuel economy of the car

  5. What is the difference between roof racks and roof rails?

    Roof racks and roof rails sound like the same products. However, there is a big difference between both products. This difference is the mounting direction on the roof of the vehicle. For instance, roof rails are installed along the length of the roof of the vehicle. They are usually attached by special mounts or feet. While roof racks are usually mounted across the roof of a car.