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Many SUV owners usually think that their vehicles have the total capacity to handle all the gear they need. Sooner or later, they discover that their luggage needs continue to grow. This is where the 4 Runner cargo box comes in for those of us who use our Toyota 4 Runner on camping trips. 

People who have the Toyota 4 Runner barely have any problem hauling off extra luggage. This is because their SUVs are equipped with the standard seating arrangements for 5 passengers. Additionally, the SUV have an optional third seating row. This brings the capacity to 7 passengers for the 4 Runner.

Many users need this cabin space for their families, friends, and pets. With many people looking to maximize the fun of their trip with more participants, there is usually limited space in the cabin. This fact also applies to the Toyota 4 Runner.

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Due to this space constraint in the cabin, many owners of the Toyota 4 Runner are forced to look for somewhere to place their cargo.

There is a great need for a good 4 Runner Cargo box. There are certainly large and awkwardly shaped objects that cannot be placed in the cabin. This is because there is a risk of damaging your vehicle or injuring somebody or your pet.

There are certain objects like skis or snowboards with sharp edges that can be hazardous when placed in the cabin. 

With a good Toyota 4 Runner Cargo box, you have extra storage space on the roof to haul off your items. This means that you can prevent possible damage to the cabin of your vehicle. Also, sharp objects would be able to injure anyone or your pets. 

Best 4 Runner Cargo Box

When you install a suitable 4 Runner Cargo box, you have more space to store and transport your items. The great thing about using a cargo box is that you have the luxury to choose from several storage capacities. The capacities in this case range from 8 cubic feet to 22 cubic feet.

Also, if you have an eye for great aesthetics, you can choose from several finishes and colours. You can choose from black, Gray, silver, or white-painted cargo boxes. For users with extra aesthetic needs, they can decide to choose cargo boxes with two-tone finishes.

Many of these cargo boxes are made from an extremely strong plastic material called ABS. It is a polymer material that is ultra-light in profile. This innovative plastic material provides several benefits at the same time. All cargo boxes made from ABS plastic material have the following benefits:

  • They resist vibrations, shocks, and abrasions.
  • They resist water and all the bad elements of the weather.
  • They resist ultraviolet rays.

There are so many available options for the 4 Runner Cargo box. There are many advantages of using a cargo box to haul your gear. It also helps preserve the integrity of the vehicle as you do not get to clean up the Toyota 4 Runner after transporting wet or dirty gear.

The Best 4 Runner Cargo Box Compared

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If you are looking for a great 4 Runner Cargo box for your car, this guide highlights some of the most recommended and suitable options.

Thule Motion XT Roof Cargo Box

The Motion XT from Sweden-based Thule features an appropriate option for your 4 Runner cargo box. This cargo box features a streamlined cargo carrier with a shiny paint finish. The roof boxes are finished in gloss colour. It also features ridges and grooves along its aerodynamically-curved body. 

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This roof cargo box has been designed to sit comfortably on your Toyota 4 Runner. Unlike most roof boxes, this option sits pretty on your SUV and is held tight with a secured clamp system. This means that with sudden brakes, steep slopes, sharp turns, and uneven terrains, the box does not shake or vibrate. Thanks to a superior box clamping system from Thule, the cargo box neither slips nor vibrates. 

Thanks to its dual opening, you can easily access your gear from any side of your Toyota 4 Runner. Dual openings are the best because they allow you to choose a safer side of the road to access your gear. The lid of the Thule Motion XT features reinforced metallic support that allows you to unload and load the box without falling on you. 

Your 4 Runner cargo box has been designed in such a way that it does not block you from accessing the rear trunk of your SUV. Similarly, the box does not block your view in the front. When mounted completely, it should sit centrally on your roof. This way, it can equally distribute its weight on all four sides of your 4 Runner jeep. 

The Thule Motion XT may be a heavy-duty cargo box, but its small form factor makes it a very good aerodynamic product. It measures 90 by 37 by 13 inches. This is such a minimal size that it ensures that the cargo does not interfere with your vehicle’s performance. 


  • This is a premium quality roof cargo box
  • Available in black and titan colour styles. 
  • Available in 3 size variants of 16, 18, and 22 cubic feet. 
  • Good for all types of gear.
  • Compatible with various types of crossbars such as factory crossbars, round crossbars, aero-style crossbars, and square crossbars.
  • Features a streamlined and aerodynamic minimal form factor for increased MPG.


  • Slightly expensive

Yakima Skybox Carbonite Roof Cargo Box

The Skybox from Oregon-based Yakima is one of the best 4 Runner cargo box options that you can easily get in the market. This premium quality roof box features a sleek storage capsule that comes with all the regular features of a modern rooftop box. The first feature of the box is its glossy black finish with smooth external skin. 

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Unlike every other 4 Runner cargo box option, this big boy was produced from carbonite, a very tough material. Thanks to the carbonite, the box can easily resist abrasion, shock, water, bad weather, and UV rays. 

The internal area of the box features a collection of components that enhances the user-friendliness of the SkyBox. The lid can only be opened on one side. This helps you to access your gear from the passenger side. Also, the lid is held and supported by two robust lever arms on each side of the roof box. The lever arms feature a dual-arm system that is strong enough to support the lid at all times. The internal bottom of the box features ridges and grooves that help you properly store your items. These components help prevent your items from moving while they are stored in the box. 

The SkyBox features an aerodynamic profile that helps enhances the MPG of your Toyota 4 Runner. This means that the flow of air around the box is improved. Therefore, wind noise and drag are consequently reduced. 

With the Yakima SkyBox, everyone is invited. You can easily haul gear for three or more people. The Yakima Skybox carbonite has been engineered to also help you haul your winter gear such as skis and snowboards. 


  • The SkyBox is available in various size variants. 
  • Made from 80% recycled material.
  • A very versatile option for your 4 Runner as it works with many roof systems.
  • Easy accessibility.
  • It can be installed easily.
  • Helps to keep your gear safe.


  • Slightly expensive.

Rhino-Rack Masterfit Roof Cargo Box 

The MasterFit from Australia-based Rhino-Rack is another great 4 Runner cargo box. The rooftop box features a superior shape that enhances its aerodynamics. Although it isn’t tapered completely at the front, this roof box gets the job done. Spotting a wide rear side, the front converges to reduce the frontal area of your vehicle. 

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The roof box features a shiny gloss black finish that provides a smooth texture for the box. The underside of the box features sturdy and robust mounting systems. It comes with a small form factor but is large enough to store your extra gear. 

While the roof box may seem small, when the lid is opened, it reveals a large space that can be used to store any item. The box features a single opening towards the passenger side. This help provides easy access to your gear. This way, loading, and unloading are easy. Also, while you unload and load the box, it features very strong and robust metallic lid supporters. This helps hold the lid of the box to stop it from falling on the user when in use. 

The bottom part of the box features grooves and ridges that help to stop items from moving during movement. The internal part of this box features various components that are used to enhance its performance. While your items are stored inside the box, it features a secure key-locking system to improve the safety and security of the box. 


  • Comes at a great price. 
  • Made from a sturdy ABS and ASA material.
  • This is a large-capacity roof cargo box.
  • Great aerodynamic design for better MPG.
  • It can be easily and quickly installed. 


  • Not easily found in the market. 

INNO PHANTOM Cargo Box/Carrier for Skis Snowboards and Winter Gear

The Phantom Series 466 is a great option to be used as a 4 Runner cargo box. The Japanese-based roof box maker ensured that they delivered a classic roof cargo system with the Phantom Series 466. This is a roof box that features superior aerodynamics and ergonomic curves to enhance the user experience. With these features, your Toyota 4 Runner is sure to get a great MPG reading. 

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The Phantom Series 466 from INNO features a roof box that comes with a gloss black and a smooth finish. The material used for this box is a blend of tough and robust compounds that are engineered for durable performance. 

The roof box features a superior installation system that ensures that it is clamped shut during the movement of the car. This is a box that is very versatile and can be used to haul all types of items. The rooftop box is also great for hauling your skis and snowboards. It is very useful in hauling any winter gear and protecting them.

The INNO Phantom cargo box has been designed specifically for your winter gear, skis, snowboards, and so on. It is still useful in hauling various other items. It adds an extra storage space of 18 cubic feet to your Toyota 4 Runner.

Weighing just about 49 pounds, the roof box ensures that you do not exceed the roof weight capacity of your vehicle. The box is made from a blend of robust materials but is never heavy. Additionally, the INNO Phantom cargo box features a lid that can open to both the left and the right side. When opened, the lid features a voluminous interior that is large enough to store several bags. The roof cargo box can be used to store 2 surfboards, 10 skis, or 8 snowboards.

This 4 Runner cargo box features crossbars with universal compatibility. This means that the crossbars can be used on almost any roof rack system. 

Also, the INNO Phantom is an innovative roof box that comes with a 3 layer sheet that features three robust materials. It features ABS, weatherable, and Acrylic (transparent) layers. This triple-protection system helps ensure the robustness and solid performance of this box. Also, the box comes with a unique base construction material that is lighter and stronger than the typical cargo box. 


  • Features sleek aerodynamics for improved MPG of your Toyota 4 Runner.
  • Features a 3-layer sheet for robust performance.
  • Useful for hauling your winter gear, such as surfboards, skis, or snowboards. 
  • It comes with a Memory mount system which helps improve its installation. 


  • Slightly expensive
  • It can be scarce in the market.

Thule Vector Roof Cargo Box

The Vector from Sweden-based Thule roof cargo makes is another great option for your 4 Runner cargo box. This rooftop cargo features a muscular cargo carrier with ergonomic contours and ridges, This help enhances the general aesthetics of the roof box. This box also features various muscular features in its exterior which are evidence of its premium and elegant value. The exterior casing of the Thule Vector features a smooth black metallic finish. 

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The rooftop cargo box opens up to reveal a smooth and soft white interior. The lid can be firmly supported by the supporting lid fasteners. When opened, the box reveals a voluminous interior that can be used to store and haul all types of gear. 

The box features a soft white interior and offers about 13 cubic feet of additional storage. The interior comes with an integrated LED light to indicate when it is open. The box features a premium base material that is lined with felt for enhanced performance. 

The Thule Vector features rigid clamping materials that help you to mount the box firmly onto the vehicle. On full installation, it suspends the box in the air to allow airflow beneath the box. This feature helps to enhance the aerodynamic feature of the box. 

Featuring a small form factor, the Vector opens to reveal a huge storage interior. The Box measures about 35 by 13 by 9 inches. Also, it features a dual opening function that it opens on both sides. This means that you get to choose the safe side when trying to access your gear while still in traffic. Either way, you open this box, it is supported by a pair of robust lid fasteners. 

Just like many premium roof cargo boxes in the market, the Vector from Thule is highly compatible with many crossbar roof rack styles. You get to use the Thule Vector with various crossbar options such as the factory, round, Aero-style, and square crossbars. These crossbars are usually required by roof boxes to be properly mounted to the vehicle. The Thule Vector roof cargo box needs an elaborate crossbar system to be mounted onto your Toyota 4 Runner.

The Thule Vector is mounted onto the Toyota 4 Runner in such a way that it will not block access to the trunk. Also, it will not project forward to disrupt the visibility of the driver. Rather, it is installed in such a way that it is centrally positioned on the roof of the vehicle. This way, it can equally distribute the load across all four sides of the roof of the vehicle. 

As a premium roof cargo box for your Toyota 4 Runner, the Vector from Thule comes with a superior key lock mechanism. This is used to guarantee the safety and security of the items in the box. This roof cargo box features a robust key system which feels so superior to every other option in the market. 

This is why this roof cargo box is so costly. However, you get superior performance and user experience from this box – which justifies the high price tag. The Thule Vector roof cargo box comes highly recommended for Toyota 4 Runner owners looking for a premium roof box to invest in. 

The Vector roof cargo box from Thule also features the superior PowerClick Quick-Mount system which helps to simplify the installation of the box. This machine features an integrated torque indicator that makes a “click” sound whenever the box has been mounted properly. This way, it ensures that the box has been fitted securely which makes the entire mounting process very fast. 

Apart from the innovative PowerClick Quick-Mount System, this box also features the secure SlideLock system. This helps to automatically lock the lid of the box while also indicating that the box has been closed and secured. 


  • This is a premium option for your 4 Runner.
  • Comes in robust plastic material.
  • Features a secure SlideLock system.
  • The PowerClick quick-mount system helps to promote a fast and easy installation process.
  • The roof box features a premium interior that features soft padding, LED lights, and gear fasteners.
  • It features in-built LED lights to aid in loading and unloading tasks, especially at night.
  • The box spots an elegant and sporty design. 


  • This is a costly roof box.

Faqs On The 4 Runner Cargo Box

  1. Does Toyota make and sell its cargo boxes?

    Toyota does not make and sell its cargo boxes. However, the car manufacturing company has recommended that owners of Toyota cars buy compatible roof cargo boxes for their vehicles. Many roof cargo brands are compatible with Toyota vehicles. With a great buyer’s guide, you can be able to choose from a range of suitable cargo boxes for your Toyota 4 Runner.

  2. What is the height of the Toyota 4 Runner with a roof rack installed on it?

    The overall height of your Toyota 4 Runner with roof racks installed will amount to a total of about 72 inches.

  3. Does a Toyota 4 Runner gets produced with roof racks?

    Before now, Toyota barely considered making vehicles with roof racks. However, due to the steady growth of the roof rack market, popular demand had forced automakers to equip their cars with roof racks. It is possible to see many Toyota cars with or without factory roof racks.

  4. What is the roof weight capacity of the Toyota 4 Runner?

    Practically, it is said that the roof weight limit of the Toyota 4 Runner is about 300 pounds. However, the official weight-bearing capacity of the roof of Toyota is about 120 pounds. Also, it is on record that many drivers of the Toyota 4 Runner have mounted loads with a total value that has gone beyond the 300 pounds mark.

  5. Do 4 Runners come with pre-built roof rails?

    A majority of Toyota 4 Runners come with roof rails affixed on each side of the vehicle. These roof rails are simply base structures that are meant to be used along with compatible roof racks for the proper mounting of roof cargo boxes. These roof rails are meant to act as foundations or footings for the crossbars that support the cargo boxes.