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Can You Haul A Kayak In A Truck?

Can You Haul A Kayak In The Back Of A Truck?

A kayak is a fun boat to have. It is among the most popular watercraft. People who have kayaks have loads of fun in the water. Kayak was first used by the Inuit and Aleut peoples. The Eskimos from Greenland were the first to use the kayak. However, this day, the boat is used for fun and adventurous activities.

Can You Haul A Kayak In The Back Of A Truck

The Million Dollar Question: Can You Haul A Kayak With The Back Of Your Truck?

This is one of the most common questions among kayak owners. It is still a common question among pickup owners with no kayak yet. The answer here is yes. This means that you can have a lot of fun. Before you buy your boat or vehicle, you will want to think about transporting the boat.

It is possible to haul your kayak on any pickup. But, some rack systems offer superior support abilities. This definitive guide comes with all you need to know about hauling your kayak with your pickup.

Hauling Your Kayak With Your Pick-Up Truck

Of course, a pick-up can be used to haul your kayak. There are several ways of using your pickup to haul the kayak. It could be the roof or the back of the pick-up. The easiest transportation method for your kayak is at the back.

You can easily throw your kayak at the pickup’s rear side. The kayak is then secured by using several tie-downs. Doing this means that you will have to leave the tailgate open. Then, the kayak would have to stick out of the pick-up bed.

Can You Haul A Kayak In The Back Of A Truck

You can then look for a red flag to attach to the extended edge of the kayak. If you choose to hoist your kayak this way, you will need to buy an extender. An extender is a pickup accessory that allows you to transport your kayak. It is fastened at the rear and provides additional support for the extended part of the boat. This is a remarkable accessory that works with the hitch receiver.

Some Benefits Of Using A Rear Rack For Transporting Your Kayak

Using extenders to support your kayak has some benefits. This way, you can easily load the kayak and unload it. Using the extender is among the safest methods to secure the kayak to the back of the truck. One more benefit of the extenders is its economic advantage. When compared to roof racks, rear extenders are more economical.

Securing Your Kayak In The Back Of The Truck

It is usually a tricky thing to transport a kayak using your truck. Pickup trucks do not come with roof bars as in SUVs or cars. Therefore, many kayak owners have resorted to using their truck beds. If you are hauling your kayak with your truck, you will have to take down the tailgate. Facing the tailgate down is the best way to haul your kayak with a pick-up. If the tailgate is left in its upright position, most kayaks will never fit right into it.

If the bed in your truck is as long as 8 feet, you can transport your kayak. But it has to fit right in. If you are looking to properly attach your kayak to your truck, follow these instructions.

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How To Haul Your Kayak At The Back Of Your Truck

If you were going to transport your kayak with your truck safely, there are instructions you should follow. Do this the wrong way, and you just might damage something. If you want the best results, you need to approach this with all the seriousness it deserves. This is how you hoist your kayak onto your truck.

  1. As soon as you get the tailgate down, slide in the kayak. The bow should go in first.
  2. The kayak should have a grab handle at both the stern and the bow. This is used for handling the kayak. These are the anchor points that should be used to secure the kayak in the truck of the bed. It should be held tightly with straps.
  3. Install a cam strap that will go through the anchor points on the bed or floor of the truck. This should also be run through the kayak’s bow. This will prevent the kayak from sliding out.
  4. The straps should also be used to secure the stern of the kayak.
  5. If it happens that the kayak is sticking over four feet from the truck, then you will need to get a flag for it. Many kayaks that extend well beyond the truck bed are secured with red flags. The red flag helps people to prevent hitting it.

What Are Other Options For Transporting Kayaks?

Apart from the back of a pickup truck, there are other options used to transport the kayak. These other options are:

  1. The RS Tonneau system: This is a rack system that is mounted above the bed of the pickup. When used with a rack for kayak, you get an easy setup, a convenient system, and secured hoisting. It comes with a crossbar system. This means that you get to mount bike racks, roof baskets, and many more. With this set-up, you get to free up some space in the bed of the truck. You can then carry additional gear and items.
  2. Kayak trailer: Another way to haul your kayak is through a kayak trailer. Kayak trailers are convenient because they are light and inexpensive. They are suitable for people who have to carry lots of items with their truck bed. The trailers are so far away from the truck that you will not feel it during transportation. Using a trailer also simplifies the kayak loading and launching processes.
  3. Kayak rack: A kayak rack is another way of hauling your boat. If you have to install a kayak rack onto your truck, you will need some accessories. You will need to get the crossbars or a bed topper. Crossbars can be hoisted over the pickup bed. They can also be installed onto the cab of the pickups. The cab mounting system allows you to haul your boat like any SUV.