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How Much Weight Can A Honda CRV Tow

Wondering How much weight can a Honda CRV tow? In 1996, Honda, the Japanese car maker, launched the CRV as its first SUV product line. Due to its global reception and sales record, the Honda CRV has been a significant model for the Japanese company. Currently, in its third generation of CRV SUVs, the vehicle is still being widely purchased worldwide.

One popular use of the Honda CRV is as a towing vehicle for camping, cross-country trips, and other adventures. The global towing community finds the Honda CRV to be very useful and versatile for a lot of reasons. 

How Much Weight Can A Honda CRV Tow

The SUV can be used for towing small and medium trailers without exceeding its towing capacity. A majority of these SUVs have a braked towing capacity that is sufficient to haul most caravans and single-axle trailers. The Honda CRV does well at this level but faces stiff competition from rivals such as the Hyundai Tucson and the Mazda CX5.

How Much Weight Can A Honda CRV Tow?

How much weight can a Honda CRV tow? The CRV from Honda as one of the first SUVs from the company is lauded for its suitability as a towing SUV. 

Many campers and travelers usually fancy the Honda CRV as their towing vehicle of choice. However, they have to understand the towing capacity of the vehicle.

The towing capacity is used to mean the maximum trailer load that the Honda CRV can haul. While there are certain models of the Honda CRV that can easily tow trailers, there are others that are unable to work in this regard. Some models of the Honda CRV aren’t suitable for towing trailers. 

Special Features Of The Honda CRV

You may ask, “how much weight can a Toyota RAV4 pull?” or “how much weight can a Honda CRV tow?” You need to understand the basic features of the vehicle to be able to determine its load capacity.

The Honda CRV spots a petrol engine of 155 horsepower. It also comes with dual diesel engines that come with power ratings of 160 and 120 horsepower each. The weaker diesel model is only available as a front-wheel option. The stronger diesel model is available as an all-wheel option. Also, the 155-horsepower petrol engine offers the customer the all-wheel option. 

In addition to the usual six-speed vehicle transmission, the 4×4 variants can be driven as automatic vehicles. The 155-horsepower petrol engine works with a five-speed automatic. Also, the 160-horsepower works with a nine-speed automatic drive. Both versions of the Honda CRV spot paddle shifters on their steering wheels.

The Honda CRV is quite a popular SUV. Many people fancy them because of their comfortable and spacious interiors. The vehicle feature a spacious cabin that can be used for hauling both people and luggage. If you own a Honda CRV, it is natural to get curious about your chances and options of towing campers and trailers.

Honda CRV Load Capacity

Honda CRVs have a low load capacity of 1,500 pounds. Due to the low Honda CRV load capacity, it is difficult to tow heavy campers. This means that the vehicle will be more suitable for towing light campers like pop-up trailers, stand-up trailers, and teardrop trailers.

Honda CRV With A Load

The Honda CRV Towing Capacity – Different Honda CRV Models

We can only use a table to describe the load capacities for the various Honda CRV models. Each model has a similar towing capacity, but owners should always know the base weights of their CRVs before they consider getting a camper. 

Name of Honda CRV ModelHonda CRV Tow CapacityThe Unladen Weight of The Vehicle
LX1,500 pounds3,307 pounds
EX1,500 pounds3,358 pounds
EX-L1,500 pounds 3,377 pounds
Touring 1,500 pounds3,397 pounds

With 1,500 pounds as the towing capacity for all models of the Honda CRV, this doesn’t give you many options for choosing a good trailer. But this doesn’t mean that there are not good trailers out there for your SUV. 

You can easily find many suppliers and companies that produce small-sized trailers. This is created specifically for people whose vehicles have low towing capacities. This means that you can still get that needed towing performance from your Honda CRV. This means that you can easily get comfortable band functional trailers. 

Honda CRV Towing Capacity – Things To Consider

When it comes to towing trailers with your Honda CRV, there are various parameters to consider. However, there is nothing as important as your Honda CRVs towing capacity.

Taking the towing capacity of the Honda CRV into perspective, which is 1,500 pounds, you can tow many trailers with this. Many teardrop trailers will work with this 1,500-plus towing capacity. While this is a limiting feature, it is useful to consider. In addition, you can get teardrop trailers that can be as heavy as 3,000 pounds. 

Before you buy any camper, you will have to consider their dry weights. You should also try to consider how much load they can support once they are loaded fully.

You can record the dry weights of the campers when they are empty of loads of luggage, fuel, water, and so on. As soon as they are loaded with items, they tend to be much heavier than most people expect.

If you are trying to use any of the campers that are compatible with your Honda CRV, you should keep the load at a minimum of 20 – 35% below the maximum load capacity. This gives you a considerable margin of safety. This way, you can easily prevent any potential accidents on the road before they occur.

It is never recommended for users to go above the weight limits of their vehicles. The camper will make your vehicle setup to become harder, heavier, and longer. Therefore, anything more will make driving a lot more difficult and dangerous. 

What Is The Difference Between Towing Capacity And Payload?

The payload of your 2013 Honda CRV is the maximum load that can be added to the cargo area of the vehicle. This is the maximum load that the car can carry and still be able to be driven safely. The payload is the addition of the vehicle’s curb weight (the weight of the Honda CRV when it is empty) plus the maximum weight that the cargo area can hold

The Honda Crv Towing Capacity is the highest amount of weight the Honda CRV can tow after you consider the cargo and the curb weight. For the Honda CRV, the payload is approximately 1,106 pounds. The curb weight is between 3,337 and 3,455 pounds. 

Things Needed For Towing With The Honda Crv

All Honda CRVs are purchased with regular trailer hitches as part of the tow package. The tow package includes a hitch harness, a clip, a drawbar, and a tow hitch. The car also features Vehicle Stability Assist (VSA) and Traction Control. This helps the vehicle maintain great traction on slippery roads regardless of the weight of the trailer. 

Faqs On The Honda Crv Load Capacity

  1. How Much Can A Honda CRV Tow?

    Before you can tow a trailer with your Honda CRV, you have to understand its load capacity. It has a towing capacity of 1,500 pounds. The curb weight of the Honda CRV is between 3,337 and 3,455 pounds. The towing capacity of the vehicle is 1,500 pounds in addition to the previously mentioned two numbers.

  2. Can I Tow A Trailer Using Honda CRV?

    The Honda CRV is engineered to work as a compact SUV. But the vehicle has limited capabilities. If it is equipped properly, the Honda CRV has the potential to tow a trailer weight of about 1,500 pounds. Due to this feature, you can hitch up various add-ons to the rear of your Honda CRV. This includes the ability to hitch up a tent trailer alone at the weekends.

  3. How Can I Increase My Honda Crv’s Towing Capacity?

    You can easily increase the towing capacity of your Honda CRV. This helps you to maximize the use of the vehicle. To do this, the towing package of the CRV should be upgraded. This means installing a wide range of components that help increase the towing capacity of your CRV to 1,500 pounds. To do this, you will need to get more equipment, such as a clip, the trailer hitch ball, a drawbar, and the trailer hitch harness.

  4. What Can I Tow With My Honda CRV?

    Due to the maximum towing capacity of 1,500 pounds, unfortunately, there isn’t much that you can tow with your Honda CRV. While this is such a good towing capacity for a car of its size, compared to other models from Honda, this isn’t much. But, it is sufficient to tow smaller trailers, though.

  5. What Will Happen To My Honda Crv If I Go Beyond The Towing Capacity?

    You shouldn’t ignore your towing capacity rating. It is not recommended to go beyond the specified towing capacity of the Honda CRV. This can lead to various problems, such as:
    1. Warping your vehicle chassis.
    2. Damaging the tires of the vehicle.
    3. Accelerating brake wear.
    4. Straining of the transmission and engine.

  6. Can A Honda CRV Pull A Camper?

    Yes, a honda crv can pull a camper. However, it is important to note that the towing capacity of a Honda CRV varies depending on the year and model. It is recommended to consult the owner’s manual or contact a Honda dealership for specific towing capacity information. Additionally, it is crucial to ensure that the weight of the camper and any cargo being towed does not exceed the vehicle’s towing capacity to ensure safe and smooth towing.

  7. Can A Honda CRV Tow A Trailer?

    Yes, the Honda CRV can tow a trailer. The maximum towing capacity for a Honda CRV is up to 1,500 pounds. However, it’s important to note that the towing capacity may vary depending on the vehicle’s model year and trim level. It’s always recommended to consult the owner’s manual for specific towing guidelines and limitations.
    Additionally, it’s essential to make sure that the trailer being towed is within the weight limit and that the vehicle is equipped with the proper towing equipment, such as a hitch and wiring harness.

  8. How Much Weight Can A Honda CRV Pull?

    The amount of weight that a Honda CRV can pull depends on the model, the engine, and the towing package. Generally, a Honda CRV can tow up to 1,500 pounds. However, some models with a more powerful engine and a towing package can tow up to 2,000 pounds. It’s important to check the owner’s manual or consult with a Honda dealer to determine the specific towing capacity of your CRV. Additionally, it’s important to ensure that the weight being towed is within the limits of the CRV’s towing capacity and that all necessary safety precautions are taken.