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GoPlus Cargo Box – Buyer’s Guide

The GoPlus Cargo box is easily one of the most popular roof boxes on the market. This additional storage box for your vehicle features a waterproof product with various features. This heavy-duty roof storage box provides an additional 14 cubic feet of storage space in your vehicle. The rooftop cargo box also features a trunk organizer.

Goplus Cargo Box Review

If you are into design and style, you will fall in love with the GoPlus Cargo Box. The roof box features a smooth black gloss as its finish. The external appearance of the box features a curve box structure that tapers at the front for great aerodynamics. The external casing of the box features various grooves and contours to enhance the general design and style of the box. 

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The brand name “GoPlus” is featured prominently on the side of the box. You get a functional design that helps improve the box’s value and efficiency. 

GoPlus Cargo Box is available in both a black and white design. The aesthetics of this box also features a stable and safe design. 

The GoPlus Cargo Box’s bottom part features metal lid stiffeners. This is placed at the bottom and helps to increase the rigidity factor of the box. 

Additionally, the sturdy material helps to increase the stability of the box, especially when in use under unfavorable conditions. 

External Material

The GoPlus Cargo Box features a high-quality external material. The external body of the box is made from a combination of ABS and PVC. The Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene is blended with Poly-vinyl Chloride to provide a durable and long-lasting product. The roof box can perform great when resisting abrasions and shocks. Also, the outer material helps the box to resist water. 

The waterproof function prevents water from getting to the gear stored inside the box. Additionally, the external material is highly resistant to all weather elements. This means that snow, rain, sleet, UV rays, and wind are prevented from negatively affecting the performance of the box. 

Due to the solid external casing, the box helps preserve the integrity of all the items stored inside. Its action against the effects of the weather is part of the design decision to use a heavy external casing for this box.


The GoPlus Cargo Box can be installed easily on the roof of any car. It comes with four quick-connect anchors that can be installed easily. 

The box also features a super latch that is used to secure the lid of the roof box to its base. The super latch also guarantees the safety of your gear. 

The roof box features openings on both sides. This makes it easy for you to have easy access to the inner area of the box for loading and unloading. 


The GoPlus Cargo Box has been designed for compatibility with a wide range of crossbars. The roof box has been engineered for great versatility. This means that it has been designed to work with various crossbars. 

The GoPlus rooftop carrier is compatible with factory crossbars that come with most vehicles. In addition, you can install the box with Aero-style crossbars, round crossbars, and square crossbars. When installing the roof box, you will quickly get a compatible crossbar with the product. 


The GoPlus Cargo Box is one of the most versatile roof boxes you can find on the market. It is perfect for any road trip. 

You can take this cargo box with you to the sports field, gym, beach, park, mountainside, or for camping. It will hold well on any vehicle that comes with a roof rack. You can buy the GoPlus Cargo Box for your SUVs, vans, coupes, trucks, cars, and so on. 


The GoPlus Cargo Box offers premium performance during use. From the aerodynamic shape down to its features, it spots a collection of elements to enhance the user experience. The aerodynamic box helps to improve the MPG of any vehicle. It does this by reducing drag and wind noise. 

This efficiency enhances your fuel economy, leading to a great MPG. In addition, the roof box features a robust anti-slip clamping system. This ensures that the box stays firm under conditions such as:

Uneven Roads 

Many off-road terrains or mountainsides are uneven. However, the GoPlus Cargo Box features a secured and firm clamping system to prevent and minimize vibration and shaking.

Steep Slopes

Many roads and off-road terrains have steep slopes. Since the GoPlus Cargo Box is a heavy-duty storage box, it is prone to slipping and sliding off the vehicle. However, it features a superior clamping mechanism to hold it down to the roof without any movement. 

Sharp Turns

Sharp turns are common even on urban roads. Such road conditions generate a combination of centripetal and centrifugal forces that make the roof box want to slide off the vehicle. However, the GoPlus cargo carrier features form clamps secured onto the vehicle’s crossbars. This prevents any movements.

Sudden Brakes

The sudden application of your brakes features Newton’s first law of motion at its finest form. The sudden application of the car brakes makes your roof box want to continue moving at your prior speed. 

This is the force of inertia at play. Thanks to the superior clamping system of the GoPlus Cargo Box, the box is held firmly to your roof. This makes the box stop when the vehicle stops.

Special Features Of The Goplus Cargo Box

The GoPlus Cargo Box is a roof box that comes with some features which may not be present in other options. One major standout is the car trunk organizer. This is an additional feature of the roof box that helps you organize your vehicle’s trunk. This ensures that items are stored effectively to optimize space usage. The organizer can be folded and stored easily. When fully extended, it measures 26 by 14 by 13 inches. 

It has several compartments that can store tools, drinks, books, and other handy items. The roof box also features a dual slit to help you access the items in the roof box. It opens to the left and the right. The box also features a super large capacity storage cargo carrier

This means you have an additional storage space of about 14 cubic feet. It also comes with a generous weight capacity of about 165 pounds. 

Also, if you are concerned about the security of your gear, this box features a double safety lock mechanism. It comes with an excellent latch feature and two keys for proper locking. 

You only get to remove this key as soon as you have completely shut and locked the cover of the roof box.

FAQs On The Goplus Cargo Box

Is It Worth It To Buy A Goplus Cargo Box?

The GoPlus roof box is an excellent addition to your vehicle. They are more useful and costly than rooftop cargo bags. However, the cargo boxes can be installed easily and securely. 
These types of cargo boxes are resistant to the harsh elements of the weather. They are also user-friendly. With this roof cargo box, you can easily transport additional gear on your vehicle when traveling.

How Will The Roof Cargo Box Affect The Mpg Of My Vehicle?

Roof boxes are the worst culprits when it comes to increasing your fuel costs. They can increase your fuel consumption by 50%. Due to roof boxes, drivers spend between 10 and 25% more money on fuel. 
Roof boxes affect your fuel economy because they make the frontal area of your vehicle larger. This affects aerodynamics and causes the driver to use more fuel to move the vehicle faster. Moving faster helps to counter the adverse effects of poor aerodynamics.

How Do I Hoist The Roof Cargo Box On My Car To Help Me Drive Easily?

You should evenly distribute the roof box on the roof of your vehicle in such a way that it is equally positioned between the two bars. Also, ensure that the sides of the roof cargo box align with the sides of your vehicle. Also, the base of the box should be parallel to the road. This helps improve the aerodynamics (flow of air) around the vehicle and makes driving much easier.

Is It Safe To Have A Rooftop Cargo Carrier On My Vehicle?

A rooftop cargo box should be safe if they are loaded the way it should. An overloaded roof box on your car is not safe. Safety is enhanced when packed with soft-load items and strapped snugly to the vehicle.

Will I Be Needing Roof Bars To Install My Goplus Cargo Box?

Certainly, you will always need to install your GoPlus cargo box with a set of roof bars. You will need two pairs of cross bars when mounting the rooftop cargo box onto your vehicle. 
The first pair will run down the length of the vehicle’s roof. The second pair will be expected to run down the width of your vehicle. Both pairs will be mounted in such a way that they help distribute the load of the box equally across the roof.