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Best Roof Box for Skis Snowboard

The best roof box for skis snowboards and other winter gear provides more storage options to help you haul these items. Skiing and snowboarding are very popular among outdoor enthusiasts that live in snowy regions. These days, more people are learning how to ski and snowboard. 

Both professionals and ordinary sports lovers get a great kick from skiing and snowboarding. However, one challenge both groups of people face is hauling their sports equipment. Many outdoor snow sports lovers do not know how to haul their sports gear. If you were taking your gear to the mountains or the playing ground, you have to know how to haul them. 

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Skis and snowboards are some of the most common sports gear for snow lovers looking to take advantage of the winter. Due to the fun and pleasurable nature of most of these snow sports, many enthusiasts have purchased various outdoor gear like skis, snowboards, and so on. This way, they can enjoy their favorite winter sports without having to rent any gear.

Skis and snowboards are special sports gear that can come in awkward shapes. This way, they can be difficult to transport. To make things easier, many top-tier roof cargo box makers manufacture the ideal roof cargo boxes for these sports equipment. 

With the awkward shapes of these gear, you are bound to run into several difficulties when transporting them. However, if you have a good roof box for skis and snowboards, transporting this sports equipment can be a breeze.

If you are looking for a buyer’s guide to help you make a great decision when buying a roof box for your ski and snowboard, then look no further. This guide breaks down all you need to know about the best ski/snowboard roof boxes on the market. 

The Best Roof Box For Skis And Snowboards – The Buyer’s Guide

1. SportRack Horizon Cargo Box – The Best Roof Cargo Box For Skis

The SportRack Horizon XL SR7017 is one of the best roof cargo boxes for skis options out there when you are looking to haul your skis and snowboards. 

This is a suitable roof box that weighs about 33 pounds and comes in various sizes. The Horizon is among the best roof box for skis, snowboarding, and other sports gear. 

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There are various size variants of 17 cubic feet, 16 cubic feet, and 11 cubic feet for you to choose from based on your needs. These various size ranges mean that you can ultimately get the perfect roof box for your vehicle. 

A part of acting as a rugged and reliable box for hauling your skis and snowboards, the Horizon XL comes with great aerodynamic properties. Made by SportRack, a top-tier roof cargo box maker, this option offers ski and snowboard lovers a great product to haul off their sports gear.

One of the great highlights of this roof box is the fact that it can be used easily by anyone. Whether you are a professional athlete or just a snow sports lover, the SportRack Horizon XL SR7017 isn’t difficult to use. SportRack has engineered the roof cargo box for easy installation processes. The quick-release attachment kit is provided with this box. 

It makes for the easiest installation and removal. This is why many lovers of snow games favor SportRack Horizon. The roof cargo box also comes with great reliability. You will surely have your gear protected and secured with the box.

In terms of the security and protection of this box, you can count on a range of safety features to protect the items inside. It comes with one opening on the passenger side. This means that you can easily access/stash your gear while you are not facing any oncoming traffic.

And if you have a different type of car, not to worry. The Horizon from SportRack has been engineered for great versatility. This means that whether you have a mini-coupe or a minivan, the cargo roof box fits perfectly onto your car. 

The box features a range of special features that improve its versatility. Also, it comes with great accessories that make it fit perfectly onto your car. With this roof box, you can easily use various rack systems from SportRack. Also, the roof box is highly compatible with many factory racks, round bars, and square bars.


  • Various size variants to choose from
  • Easy to use.
  • Comes at a great price.
  • Highly reliable
  • Can be installed easily.
  • Highly versatile that it works with a wide range of vehicles
  • Feature locks for the safety of your skis and snowboards
  • Can accommodate between 3 and 4 snowboards.
  • Can accommodate between 5 and 8 pairs of skis.


  • Available in limited color

2. Thule Sidekick Cargo Box Black

The 682100 Sidekick Cargo from Thule is another best Thule box for skis and snowboards and a great option for hauling your skis and snowboards. Made by Sweden-based Thule, what is the best brand to buy your ski/snowboard roof boxes from? The 682100 Sidekick Cargo comes with all the regular features you will find from a top-tier product. 

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The 682100 Sidekick Cargo offers more options for storing your skis and snowboards as you make your way to the playing ground. This is certainly one of the best roof boxes for skis, snowboards, and other sports gear. 

First off, the 682100 Sidekick Cargo is one of the best cargo box for skis which comes with the characteristic sleek black glossy finish that Thule roof boxes are known for. This goes to show that a great deal of design and planning was used to conceive this great product. The design features a flair for aesthetics and performance that are both hallmarks of the Thule brand.

The ergonomic shape of the 682100 Sidekick Cargo is evidence of the engineering of this product. While its shape enhances aerodynamics, the curves ensure that you get great value from this roof box. Due to the ergonomic curves, you are sure to get reduced drag and wind noise. This consequently means great fuel economy

Also, Thule has made sure that everyone joins in on the fun. The Sidekick offered a versatility that is rare in the market today. It comes with several features and accessories that make it suitable for any vehicle. This means that whether you have a truck, an SUV, a minivan, a coupe, or a sedan, everyone is invited to use the Sidekick. 

This roof box goes a great deal to ensure that all your gear is fully protected. It comes with an innovative locking mechanism. The CamLock is a special feature of the 682100 Sidekick Cargo. It is used for added security to help secure your skis and snowboards. Buying a reliable and quality product isn’t all about aesthetics and performance in many cases, security is also important. 

With the CamLock, you are sure of the security of your gear even when you are far away on the playing ground or out in the mountains. Also, Thule has engineered the roof box to guarantee easy loading and unloading of your gear. It comes with a single opening on the passenger side which givers you easy access to the internal parts of the roof box. While it stays open, the sturdy hinges ensure that it works smoothly to provide you with a great performance. 

One other reason people love the 682100 Sidekick Cargo is its generous size. Measuring a decent 54 by 25 by 15 inches, you get a portable product that gets the job done regardless of the terrain you are in. Also, this minimalist size means that the product is lightweight. This lightweight feature is useful for users who like to travel light. 


  • This is a high-quality product offered at a great price.
  • Features the CamLock for guaranteed security of your gear.
  • Comes with a lightweight and durable material.
  • This is a versatile roof box that works with many cross-bar systems.


  • Only carries limited gear due to its small size. 
  • This is a rounded roof box, so you lose some internal space with straight objects. 

3. Rhino Rack RMFT410 MasterFit Roof Box

The MasterFit roof box is a great product from Rhino Rack, a popular roof box maker. This is also among the best roof box for skis, snowboards, and many other winter gear. The product features a sleek black storage box for all your winter gear. 

The first feature of this roof box from Rhino Rack is its well-conceived aerodynamic shape. This means that this storage roof box has been engineered for limited air resistance while on the road. The features of the roof box come with enhanced aesthetics and futuristic curves to make any athlete or snow lover fall over. 

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The branding and the finishing of the MasterFit RMFT410 show that it is a premium quality product. From the price and the reviews of this box, it is certainly a great option for hauling winter gear.

The MasterFit from Rhino Rack is perfect for hauling your skis, snowboards, surfboards, boots, and other winter gear. The box comes with a capacity of 75 kilograms or 165 pounds. Also, the box comes with grooved panels on its tray to ensure that your gear and safely placed inside without further movement.

In terms of durability, the Rhino-Rack MasterFit roof box has been made from a strong ABS plastic material. This means that you get a roof box that comes with enhanced protection and safety features. 

You also get a roof box that comes with a protective lock for enhanced security. Lastly, the MasterFit comes with a quick installation mounting system to ensure that it can be easily installed onto your vehicle without any problem.

The MasterFit from Rhino-Rack has been made with a single opening. You can easily load and unload this box from the passenger side. The box features a strong hinge that helps support the lid while you may be loading/unloading the cargo box.


  • Fairly affordable.
  • Comes with great quality.


  • Can be scarce in the market

4. Thule 6836B Force XT Sport – Ski and Cargo Box

The 6836B Force XT Sport is a great product from Thule. This is simply among the list of the best roof box for skis snowboards surfboards, and many other winter gear. Coming at a fairly affordable price, this premium roof box combines performance and durability. 

The Force XT has a muscular exterior spiced up with great curves and ergonomics. The grooved panel design of this black sleek box makes it such an irresistible storage box for your winter gear.

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The Force XT Sport is very popular among top snow gaming athletes. It is also a popular choice among ordinary fans of snow and winter games. The roof box features an aesthetics that complements any vehicle. This is evidence of the Thule brand’s advanced design and engineering expertise.

The Thule Force XT rooftop cargo box offers a dual-opening function. This means that you can easily access your gear from both sides of the vehicle. The box is very user-friendly and is a versatile product that can be used every day without any hassles. 

With the PowerClick mounting system, you can easily and quickly mount this roof box onto your car roof. This mechanism makes a smooth clicking sound to indicate that it has been perfectly mounted onto your car. 


  • From a popular roof box brand.
  • Great quality.
  • Fairly affordable.
  • Features the PowerClick mounting system for easy and quick installation.
  • The LockKnob system makes the product safe and comfortable to use. 
  • Available in several size variants of 11, 16, 18, and 22 cubic feet. 
  • Can accommodate between 3 and 5 snowboards.
  • Can accommodate between 3 and 7 pairs of skis.


  • Only available in limited styles and colors. 

5. INNO BRA1210BK Shadow 1600 Low Profile Ski and Cargo Box

The Shadow Cargo box from INNO is one of the best roof boxes for skis, snowboards, and other winter gear. This is a top-range cargo box that can be used to safely haul your gear to the mountain or the playing ground. 

Featuring a sleek, long-faced, and smooth box, you get an additional 13 cubic feet of storage space. There are also various other size variants such as the 9 cubic feet, 11 cubic feet, 13 cubic feet, 14 cubic feet, and 18 cubic feet. This pretty box safely latches onto your vehicle roof. 

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When fully mounted, it is partially suspended with enough space between the box and the roof. This space helps ensure the flow of air around the vehicle roof to minimize noise and drag.

Offered in a matte black, the smooth and sleek box comes with the perfect ergonomics to ensure enhanced aerodynamics. The outer body of the box is perfectly streamlined to aid the flow of air around the roof. 

The exterior is made from a 3-layer ABS material that provides guaranteed safety and protection for your gear. This plastic ensures a rugged external casing that will be durable and guarantee long-term use. 

Also, the external casing is strong enough to resist all the elements of weather as well as moisture. This means the roof box will hold up perfectly in the presence of snow, rain, ultraviolet rays, etc.

The Shadow roof box from RV INNO is one of the best roof boxes for skis, snowboards and any winter gear that you may need to haul to the playground. The roof box performs well in terms of space. Rather than store your winter gear inside your car’s cabin (where they might damage your car upholstery), you can get this premium quality roof box. 

Featuring both left and right openings, the box makes it easy to store various gear. You can hold 2 surfboards, 8 skis, and 6 snowboards with this box. 

Thanks to its weight of 42 pounds, its lightweight means that you do not exceed the roof loading limit of your vehicle. 



  • Great aerodynamic design.
  • This is a water-resistant roof box.
  • Resists all elements of the weather.
  • Great aesthetics and performance.
  • A strong 3-layer external casing.
  • Universal crossbar compatibility.
  • Can store 2 surfboards, 8 skis, or 6 snowboards
  • Available in almost 5 size variants.


  • Slightly expensive.
  • Limited style options.

6. Yakima CBX Solar 16 Cargo Box

Looks like Yakima outdid themselves with the CBX Solar 16. How often do you get a roof cargo box with a solar panel for charging your USB devices? If you’re looking for a top-notch rooftop cargo box for your snowboarding gear, the Yakima CBX 16 Solar is an excellent choice. This premium option makes it easy to transport your skis and snowboards to the mountain.

The Yakima CBX 16 Solar is one of the best rooftop cargo box for snowboards and is a premium option for transporting your skis and snowboards to the playground. This is a special option that is recommended for professional athletes and other sports lovers with eyes for top-tier sports equipment. Coming from Yakima, a reputable name in the manufacture of Roof cargo boxes, you get a box that offers reliable performance.

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The first great feature of this roof cargo box is its look. The appearance of the CBX 16 solar gives it off as a top-of-the-line roof cargo box. The sleek black gloss finish perfectly blends with its straight ergonomic curves that enhance its aerodynamics. This goes to show the level of detail from Yakima that went into designing and constructing the CBX Solar 16. 

The CBX 16 solar has been made from superior plastic material to guarantee quality, performance, and durability. Made from Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene (ABS), this plastic material is strong enough to resist strong impacts. You are sure of also getting your gear protected from all weather elements. The exterior plastic material is highly durable and will help protect your gear at all times. 

The CBX Solar offers an additional 16 cubic feet of storage space. It features dual side slots to allow for easy loading and unloading of your sports gear. The space is big enough to accommodate several skis and snowboards, and You will also get more space to store additional gear such as boots, poles, suits, and so on.


  • This is a premium ski and snowboard roof cargo box
  • Features a solar panel that converts solar energy for charging all USB devices.
  • Can store several snowboards, skis, and other gear.
  • Made from rugged ABS material for durability and performance.
  • Comes from a known brand in the industry.
  • Comes with two side openings for easy access to your gear. 


  • Expensive.
  • Only available in one color.

FAQs On The Best Roof Box For Skis Snowboard, And Winter Gear

Can You Fit A Ski Inside A Roof Box?

You can put your skis inside a roof box. With a roof box, you can easily store your skis as well as other sports gear. In addition, roof boxes allow you to store multiple skis inside of them.

Can Snowboard Be Stored Inside Roof Baskets?

Snowboards, just like skis, can be stored with roof baskets as you haul them. Also, you can use roof cargo boxes mounted to your car roof to store your snowboards. 
Roof cargo boxes offer you the needed versatility and protection that you need for your snowboard. 
With a roof cargo box, you can protect your snowboards and skis from the elements of the weather. In addition, you will be able to store other gear, such as golf clubs, bags, boots, and so on.

Can I Fasten My Snowboard Onto My Roof Rack?

Snowboards and skis are very thin and more likely to slip off if tied onto your roof rack. Either you store them in a roof cargo box, or you fasten them to a rack accessory. Either of these ensures that they are mounted and appropriately stored even when the car is in motion.

How Do I Place My Skis On A Roof Rack?

If you are loading your skis onto a roof rack, it is important to place them properly onto the roof. For safe storage, you must position the skis and their tails facing the wind. This means that their tails should be pointed toward the front part of the vehicle. 
Also, if you are thinking of transporting ski poles, many rooftop racks for hauling skis can securely hold your ski poles. Therefore, you can easily haul all your gear for a ski with the right roof racks and cargo boxes.

How Many Snowboards Can Be Fitted In A Roof Box?

Roof boxes that are labeled a size L and very large can be used to store between 3 and 7 skis. Also, they can be used to store between 3 and 5 snowboards.