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Can You Add A Moonroof To A Car?

Can You Add A Moonroof To A Car? well, adding a sunroof or moonroof to your vehicle can improve its aerodynamics and reduce wind noise. But there are some things to consider before adding either feature to your ride. But before we go into details, lets first understand what a moonroof is!

What Is A Moonroof?

It is quite difficult to define a moonroof without describing a sunroof first.

A sunroof can be described as a solid-colored panel that can be inclined up manually or removed. It Is usually a murky kind of metal panel. This implies that you cannot see through it. 

A moonroof, on the other hand, is a type of sunroof. The major difference is that it is usually transparent, slides, and has a tinted glass panel that cannot be removed. 

Simply put, a moonroof is a tinted glass panel, it can be considered an extra window that is situated on the roof of a vehicle. One may easily refer to a moonroof as a sunroof made of glass metal.

Can you add a moon roof to a car

What Is The Difference Between A Sunroof And A Moonroof?

A sunroof is made of a glass or metal body panel that slides open or springs for light and air into the vehicle cabin. 

While a moonroof is made of a clear or tinted glass panel that has its open sliding between the roof and the headline and can be tilted open for fresh air but cannot be removed from the car.

Can You Add A Moonroof To A Car?

A moonroof can be added to a car, whether old or new. The addition of a moonroof after a car has been built is known as an aftermarket item. However, if you want to add a moonroof to your car, ensure to carry out extensive research on a technician with training and certification for the job.

Pros And Cons Of Owning A Vehicle With A Moonroof


Enjoy A Natural Flow Of Air 

Having a moonroof allows one to enjoy the natural flow of air. Usually, when the vehicle cabin becomes a bit stuffy, you can slide open your moon roof to improve the cool of the car without necessarily switching on an air conditioner. This also will help minimize the vehicle’s fuel consumption rate.

Makes Your Car Feel More Relaxed And Open

We have had people talk about cars with moonroofs seemingly more spacious and making them feel more relaxed while in them. This may have to be a result of the glass roof that uncovers a great outdoor view. 

Moonroofs help you air your vehicle cabin with less noise

There is always the issue of the sound of rushing air usually associated with airing your vehicle cabin by winding down the windows, especially when on a high speed. A lot of folks dislike this noise, hence the reason they always opt for using the air conditioner. But with a moonroof or sunroof, you have less worry about wind noise. This is because of the peculiar locating of the moonroof which will allow for free airflow without being stunk in the vehicle. 

Also, there is this sensational cooling feel that comes with driving with an open roof. These and more are what you get to enjoy with a moonroof.

Can Be Useful For Emergency Escape

We have heard of cases where people get stuck in their cars and desire to find a way out, especially when the doors and locked. This is where moon roofs come to play. They are often very helpful in such scenarios. You can find a way to open the moonroof either gently or forcefully to make your way out. One would I.agone if the moonroof can accommodate a full adult body. By design, moonroofs are mostly large enough to contain an adult body, and they are always conveniently positioned for such cases.

Guarantees a higher worth when reselling

It has become normal these days that vehicles with moonroof or sunroofs are more expensive than the ones without moon roofs. This simply means that whenever you plan to resell your vehicle with a moonroof, it will definitely be valued more than a vehicle without a sunroof. This doesn’t mean that the car will be worth so much more, as the value for a reduces with its usage, meaning that owning a vehicle is not an investment plan and should not be seen as one. 

Luxurious Appearance

People always view a moonroof as just a glass attachment to a car rooftop. Moonroofs add to the luxurious appearance of a vehicle. The attachment of moonroofs to a vehicle makes the car appear more elegant and expensive and, in reality, cars with moonroofs are always more expensive than the ones without.



Can Warm up Your Interior

Normally an advantage also has its disadvantages. The ray of sunlight that penetrates a vehicle’s cabin of cars with a moonroof can also become a negative issue for vehicle occupants. This is usually experienced when the vehicle interiors get overly heated up. 

Considering how and where the moonroof is located in the vehicle, there will always be direct sunlight getting into the car and heating it when it becomes excessive. 

However, moon roofs with a little more deep tinting may not experience an overly harsh sunlight penetration compared to vehicles with plain moonroofs.

Loud Noise Of Rain Drops

Vehicles with moonroofs are extremely loud when in a rainstorm. By design, the metal used in car formation is mainly used to disseminate pressure and diminish raindrop sounds. But with glass on the rooftop and considering some characteristics of glass, the raindrop sounds tend to intensify.

Using A Moonroof Is Always Dependent On Temperature

Usually, when the weather is very hot, it may not always be the perfect day to enjoy using a moonroof. 

When the weather is very cold, it is not a good day to make use of your vehicle’s moonroof too. However, during the fall or spring days, when the weather is not too hot or cold, that is always the perfect season to use your vehicle’s moonroof.

The Danger Of Leaking

A vehicle with a tampered seal on its moonroof can experience some leaking. Most times, it is difficult to rectify without consulting the services of the manufacturer’s technician. 

Also, it is difficult to ignore or continually use a vehicle with a leaking moonroof as the leakage can mess up the interior part of the car.