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Can You Put A Roof Bag On A Panoramic Sunroof?

Can You Put A Roof Bag On A Panoramic Sunroof? Roof bags for automobiles are bags specially designed to be attached to vehicles to increase their cargo capacities, which in turn allows car drivers to move more items for particular road trips or outdoor adventures. Roof bags vary in shape, size, use, and sometimes car suitability. They are mostly flexible and are commonly used for going on short road trips with the vehicle observing a reduced speed.

The panoramic sunroof is a type of rooftop that is built with an illuminating glass that allows for sunlight to penetrate directly into the cabin of the vehicle, and in most cases helps to lighten the overall mood of the car and its occupants. Panoramic sunroof spreads across the entire rooftop of the vehicle, which makes them very appealing. There are various advantages and disadvantages of owning a vehicle with a panoramic sunroof. 

In this article, we will guide you in knowing whether the roof bag can be attached to a panoramic sunroof, the pros and cons of using a vehicle with a panoramic sunroof, and the steps involved in attaching a roof bag to a panoramic sunroof.

Can You Put A Roof Bag On A Vehicle With A Panoramic Sunroof

Can You Put A Roof Bag On A Vehicle With A Panoramic Sunroof?

It is strongly advised not to put a roof bag on a panoramic sunroof. However, when it is indicated in your vehicle guide that it is safe to put a certain weight on a panoramic sunroof, it is usually recommended to first attach a structured load carrier such as a roof rack before placing your roof bag on a panoramic sunroof.

In a more specific tone, if according to your vehicle guide, it is safe to use a roof rack on a panoramic sunroof, please proceed. But if the reverse is the case, then you should desist from attaching a roof bag to your panoramic sunroof.

Furthermore, when placing a roof bag on a panoramic sunroof, ensure to deeply research the processes involved, and precautions to be observed, and always keep your vehicle manual handy to refer to for guidance and clarification. 

Pros And Cons Of Using A Car Roof Bag


  • Value; When we compare roof bags to roof boxes, and considering their volume, food bags tend to have more value for money.
  • Volume; Car roof bags are of various sizes and are designed uniquely and specifically for different car types to take care of their special luggage needs. However, when compared to roof boxes, car roof bags are more voluminous and make a better choice for your extra luggage.
  • Athletic; The exterior part of a car roof bag being made from heavy-duty waterproof and UV-resistant fabrics makes them highly durable, hardy, and suitable for all weather conditions.


  • Accessibility; Car roof bags are not easily accessible when compared to roof boxes. Mainly because of its zipping and clipping attachment design.
  • Noise; Car roof bags usually have a noisy effect with the wind when the vehicle is at speed or on a highway.
  • Fitting; It is usually advisable to buy roof bags with custom-made roof racks or construct a fitting roof rack for the bag. This will ensure avoidance of the dangers that come with placing the roof bags directly on the panoramic roof of the vehicle.

Pros And Cons Of Using A Panoramic Sunroof Car


  • With a panoramic sunroof, the vehicle occupants get to enjoy the direct sunlight and natural air in the car which helps to lighten the general mood of everyone in the car.
  • It is usually considered to be more natural and cheap to have a feel of natural air directly coming into the vehicle compared to when using air conditioning.


  • Occasionally, mostly during the summer season, the panoramic glass may cause the vehicle interior to become warmer than vehicles with normal rooftops.
  • During the winter season, moisture from the windows and sunroof may drop into the vehicle cabin.
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Steps On How To Attach A Roof Bag On A Panoramic Sunroof

It should be noted that roof bags should not be attached directly to the panoramic sunroof as this may pose unsafe and risky, especially when the weight of the roof bag is significant.

Below are the steps on how to safely attach a roof bag to a sunroof.

Step 1 – Make Ready The Sunroof. Gently clean up the sunroof to get it ready. Ensure to take precautionary measures while following the best practice to avoid harming or scratching the panoramic sunroof.

Step 2 – Carefully study the vehicle’s manual for the manufacturer’s guidelines on how to install a roof rack and bag on a panoramic sunroof. This manual usually consists of the instructions, the process, and the precautionary measures of the process. 

Step 3  – Arrange and tighten the crossbars of the vehicle.  This is for vehicles with factory-fitted roof racks. For vehicles without factory-fitted roof racks, ensure to find suitable and durable cross bars and neatly attach them to the vehicle.

These cross bars are very important as they will obstruct the roof bags from directly sitting on the panoramic sunroof, which Is highly not encouraged. 

Step 4 – Attach the roof rack. After going through the guidelines using the manual and putting into consideration all important facts, precautions, and safety tips, ensure to observe all that while attaching the roof racks on the panoramic sunroof. 

The installed roof rack is the place where the roof bag will be positioned. 

This step, with all the processes involved, should be carried out with utmost carefulness to avoid cracking or damaging the panoramic sunroof as it is very fragile.

Step 5 – Position the Anti-slip mat of the roof bag. This mat comes with the roof bag and it is used to prevent the roof bag from sliding off the rooftop when the vehicle is in motion. 

Most times, the roof bags come with their own factory-made roof anti-slip mat but if the one you purchased does not have one, ensure to purchase one for the roof bag. 

Anti-slip mats are very important when attaching a roof bag as they help to make the roof bag firm and balanced when attached to a panoramic sunroof vehicle. 

Step 6 – This is the final step where you fix the roof bag. At this point, your roof rack must have been perfectly and firmly installed, then you proceed to mount the roof bag. 

It is important to note that the roof bag should be placed at the center of the panoramic sunroof roof rack when it’s being mounted. 

Avoid putting sharp and hard objects in the roof bag. When the roof bag is firmly placed and in position, proceed to tighten its straps to the roof rack for it to be perfectly secured. 

If this is not done, the roof bag is likely to slip or fall off from the panoramic sunroof rack when the vehicle is in motion.

In conclusion, a roof bag can be attached to a vehicle with a panoramic sunroof. However, ensure to follow all the precautions and safe steps during the process and always keep your manuals handy for reference purposes.

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